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How Does a Backflow Incense Burner Work?

how does a backflow incense burner work

It is well known that the aroma of incense burning, with its rippling smoke, has the power to relax and settle many people down. It’s no surprise then that this practice of meditation often involves using it.

A backflow incense burner utilizes a cone with an opening drilled through it, allowing the smoke to travel downward through the burner and create a waterfall effect.

How it Works

Backflow incense burners offer a unique and calming smoke waterfall effect that has become popular with many. But how does this beautiful visual occur?

The answer is easy: nature’s magic. These backflow incense cones used with these burners are specifically engineered to create this waterfall effect.

These cones feature a small hole at the bottom that hollows out part of their shape. This hole allows smoke to drain downward through this hollowed-out part and into a ceramic holder beneath.

Backflow incense cones have a hollowed out shape, but they’re actually easier to light than their traditional counterparts. Simply hold them slightly tilted and light the tip with a lighter or other heat source for around 15 seconds.

Once lit, wait a few minutes for the smoke to begin flowing down through the bottom of the incense cone and into its holder. If it doesn’t begin flowing after some time has passed, you must relight the incense cone.

The Burner

Backflow incense cones are uniquely designed so that when lit at the top, smoke flows down through a hole at the bottom. This creates an atmospheric effect by making the smoke slightly heavier than air and adding an impressive visual element to any decor.

As it flows down, the smoke will swirl and twist. At its base, it may even pool, creating a waterfall-like effect.

The smoke produced by traditional incense cones is thicker, adding to the dramatic visual impact of a waterfall.

Before using a backflow incense cone, make sure the hole at the bottom is large enough (approximately halfway). Place it over this hole and ignite with either a match or lighter until you see a small flame appear. You may need to repeat this step several times until your cone begins burning evenly.

The Cones

Are you searching for an artistic way to enjoy your incense? Backflow incense cones may be just what the doctor ordered! These fragrant cones create a flowing waterfall effect within your ceramic burner, which can completely change the atmosphere in any room!

These special incense cones are drilled with a small hole that causes smoke to cascade downward. This creates an enchanting visual effect and can help make meditation more serene.

Utilizing backflow incense cones is a straightforward process. All that’s necessary is a backflow incense burner and these special cones.

To use an incense cone, light the tip and wait for it to glow red before blowing it out. Smoke will come pouring out through its hollow center, eventually falling into your burner.

Backflow incense cones typically burn for a shorter duration than regular cones due to their center hole acting as an air vent, releasing more smoke into the atmosphere.

The Smoke

Smoke is a cloud of airborne particles and gases released during combustion or pyrolysis. When exposed in large amounts, smoke can pose a nuisance or even pose a danger for people, animals, and plants alike.

Incense is burned to release both smoke and aroma. Not only does the smoke purify the air, it removes negative energy, but it can also provide a calming effect on your mind.

Backflow incense burners produce waterfalls of smoke, a stunning visual effect that some people find more calming than the traditional smoke produced by burning an incense stick. Unfortunately, sometimes this type of smoke doesn’t function as intended.

First, verify that your backflow incense cone has a hole at the bottom. If not, then it likely isn’t a backflow model but instead an ordinary incense cone.


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