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Why Won’t My Backflow Incense Burner Work?

why wont my backflow incense burner work

Backflow incense burners feature a unique cone that releases the smoke in an opposite direction to traditional incense.

When lighting a backflow incense cone, it should glow red or orange and release an aromatic cloud. If there is no glowing ember present, your cone has gone out and needs to be lit again.

1. The Cones Are Not Aligned

If your backflow incense burner isn’t working, there’s a good chance the cones aren’t aligned correctly. This occurs because the hole at the bottom of the backflow cone must line up with the metal hole on the backflow burner.

If your cones aren’t aligned correctly, they won’t produce the desired smoke waterfall effect. To start, make sure the cones are fully illuminated.

To begin, place the cone on a backflow incense burner and wait for smoke to come out of its base. You should see a small glowing ember at its base as well as clouds of smoke coming from below.

This process can take a few minutes, so be sure not to move the burner until smoke has begun flowing. Furthermore, make sure all ash has cooled completely to touch before handling it.

2. The Cones Are Damp

Pine cones open and close in response to humidity levels, protecting their seeds from rotting or mold.

Once the air becomes dry, the scales shrink back in size and open up again, allowing seeds to fall out and start dispersing once again.

As the humidity increases, the outer layer of scales expands and contracts while the inner one remains taut. When humidity increases slightly, however, this outer layer curls up and locks shut to prevent moisture from seeping into the insides of the scales.

It turns out this process is the same one humans use when opening and closing their eyes. Naturalists call it the treegonometree! It can be an effective way to forecast when rain or humidity will arrive, as well as when seeds should be released for maximum dispersion.

3. The Cones Are Not Clean

If your backflow incense burner isn’t working, the first thing to check is the cones for cleanliness. They should be free of dander, dust, and mold.

Another possible explanation for why your cones may not be burning correctly is that they are made of poor quality material. Typically, incense cones with poor materials start to smoke and smell unpleasant after just a few minutes of burning.

Cones are typically created from incense powder and essential oils mixed with water to form a paste. This mixture is then molded into an object like a cone using either a thin nail or something similar for creating the hole at the bottom.

To use these cones, simply place them on an incense burner and blow out the flame until a small ember appears at the tip. Afterward, smoke should rise to the top and escape through a hole at the bottom of the cone.

4. The Cones Are Not Properly Stored

Backflow incense burners are uniquely designed to create a waterfall or cascading smoke effect by trapping smoke within their hollow core inside the cone.

Once lit, smoke flows out the top hole and through a tunnel in the base of the cone, following an established path towards its base.

If you’re experiencing issues with your incense burner, one of the first things to check is whether or not the cones have been stored properly.

To ensure the health of cones, they should be stored properly. Furthermore, make sure they’re allowed to dry completely after each use by stacking in an area where air can freely circulate.


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