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What Does Incense Do?

what does incense do

Incense has long been used in ceremony and healing, from helping to dispel negative energy to setting an altar. For centuries, incense has been used for its ability to purify the air and prepare an altar.

However, incense burning may have some negative health effects. For instance, it could aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma and cancer in those with respiratory issues.


Incense can help to relax the mind and reduce stress. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or depression as it can lift spirits and alleviate symptoms.

Incense smoke has a calming effect on the brain, stimulating serotonin (a hormone responsible for happiness). It also encourages relaxation and eases muscle tension.

However, it’s essential to be aware that incense produces a hazardous amount of smoke when burned; thus, always practice meditation with incense in a well-ventilated area.

Incense has long been associated with spiritual and religious practices. Nowadays, it’s commonly used in homes to create a calming and serene atmosphere. Additionally, those suffering from insomnia or sleep disorders may find benefit from incense as it induces drowsiness which helps relieve body tension and relax the mind.


Incense is an effective tool for invigorating the body, whether you use it in the morning to wake up or at night to unwind.

Can also be used to create a peaceful atmosphere for meditation or yoga. There are various scents that can be utilized during this practice, such as frankincense and sandalwood.

Frankincense has long been used to help focus the mind and promote spiritual growth.

Frankincense can also be utilized for healing. It has anti-inflammatory properties and may aid in improving blood flow and circulation.

Incense comes in many varieties, but some of the most popular include frankincense, sandalwood and pine. All are effective for relaxing both mind and body – making them ideal for meditation.


Incense is an aromatic botanical material that releases a pleasant smoke when burned. It has numerous uses such as religious worship, aromatherapy, and meditation.

Deodorant and insect repellent – Zen Buddhists often use it as part of their meditation practice to keep mosquitoes and other pestilential insects at bay.

However, inhaling incense smoke has potential risks as it emits a complex mixture of particulate matter and gas products. When inhaled, these pollutants can lead to air pollution, airway disease and health complications.

Studies have revealed that inhaling incense smoke can trigger allergies, asthma, respiratory symptoms, headaches and an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it has been known to cause lung fibrosis and other ultrastructural changes to lung cells.


Incense has many beneficial properties, one of which being its grounding energy. This type of natural healing connects your body to Earth’s electrical currents.

Therapeutically, Earthing is an approach that uses science and physics to explain how the electric charges on Earth can help alleviate pain, stress, inflammation, and promote mental wellbeing.

Grounding yourself outdoors is one of the best ways to experience this healing effect, but you can also try indoor grounding techniques such as using conductive sheets, wearing wrist or ankle bands, or placing a conductive plug in your shoes.

Grounding is an effective way to help regulate your Circadian rhythm, the 24-hour cycle that influences moods and sleep quality. Doing this may prevent insomnia as well as other sleep issues.


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