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How to Use Spacekeeper Waterfall Incense Burner

how to use spacekeeper waterfall incense burner

How to Utilize Spacekeeper Waterfall Incense Burner

If you love incense and its calming effects on the mind, then adding a spacekeeper waterfall incense burner to your collection is a must-have. Not only will it bring an instant feeling of relaxation and serenity but also adds an eye-catching visual element to any home decor.

Are you searching for something unique to display in your living room or give as a gift? A backflow incense burner is an ideal choice. These beautiful ceramic burners will produce an enchanting waterfall smoke effect as the cones cascade down and pool at the bottom, creating an enthralling visual.

Lighting a Backflow Burner

Before you can begin using your spacekeeper backflow incense burner, it is essential to light the incense cones properly. Just as with traditional incense cones, hold the backflow cone up to the burner and wait for it to glow red and release a smoke scent.

Once the tip of an incense cone has ignited into a flame, it is best to wait a few seconds before blowing it out. Doing this helps ensure the smoke has settled and produced its desired fragrance without escaping out of the cone and creating a mess around your burner.

When burning incense cones, it is essential that they be placed on a non-flammable surface such as metal stands or plates or inside an airtight container. Furthermore, avoid moisture, drafts and air movement as this can cause backflow incense cones to lose their aroma.

How to Use a Backflow Incense Cone

Backflow incense cones are unique from traditional incense cones in that they’re specifically designed for creating an atmospheric waterfall effect of smoke. These special incense cones have holes partially drilled through from the base up near their tip, so when placed on your Spacekeeper backflow burner, smoke will stream down through this hole instead of up!

These backflow incense cones can be purchased online from Something Different Wholesale in a wide range of designs, such as dragons and Buddhas to simple fountain shapes.

How to Light a Backflow Cone

To light an incense cone, simply hold it up to a burner and allow it to glow for several seconds before blowing it completely out. As with any cone, make sure the tip burns at least 1/3 down before placing on the burner so that smoke has time to reach all the way down into the hole at the bottom of the cone.

For optimal incense waterfall effects, place your spacekeeper backflow incense burner in an environment without drafts. Without air flow, smoke won’t have as much opportunity to fall and will instead create white water rapids!


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