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How to Use Incense in Your Home

how to use incense

Incense is an age-old way to purify the air and instill a feeling of serenity. It can be utilized in religious ceremonies or simply as a home fragrance to set the mood.

The initial step in creating the perfect scent for your space is selecting the ideal aroma. There are countless possibilities, from grounding lavender and cedar to invigorating jasmine and vetiver.

Light the Incense Stick

When an incense stick (agarbatti) is lit in one corner of a room, its fragrance quickly fills the entire space. This is because particles of matter are so tiny that they can easily pass through air currents.

Furthermore, the smoke from an incense stick can travel to other rooms if not extinguished properly. This makes it especially hazardous for anyone with asthma or other breathing difficulties to be in close proximity to burning incense.

To light an incense stick, first find a heat-safe surface such as an incense burner or small dish filled with grains, rice, salt or sand. Then hold the stick by its thinner end (the end without fragrant material on it).

Place the Incense in a Censer

A censer is a vessel in which incense can be burned safely and comfortably, providing your space with an invigorating aroma without the risk of starting a fire.

When using a censer, it’s essential to insert your incense stick into its designated holder. Doing this prevents any ash from falling onto your table or floor and ensures all ashes remain inside the censer.

If you’re not sure which end of your incense stick should go into the holder, consult with an incense store or online retailer. Most sticks will have either a wooden end and either plastic or metal one.

You may wish to invest in a thurible, which is an non-flammable container used for holding incense sticks. This less messy option than using a censer may be ideal for people with allergies or respiratory problems who might be affected by incense smoke.

Place the Censer in a Burner

Incense is available in sticks, cones and powders with a range of scents from sandalwood to jasmine. For centuries it has been used in rituals and spiritual practices around the world.

Incense can be burned in several ways, but the most straightforward is by placing it into a censer. These vessels come in many different forms and materials – from earthenware bowls or firepots to intricately carved silver or gold objects.

Censers are commonly found in Taoist and Buddhist temples for burning coiled incense. Typically, these are hung from the ceiling and swung back and forth during prayer.

Catholic liturgical rites also utilize a thurible, which is an iron container about the size and shape of a coffee-pot suspended on chains.

Placing an incense stick or cone into a censer and lighting it with either a lighter or match is simple. After the ash and fragrance has released, you can place the item into your backflow incense burner to create an alluring smoke waterfall effect.

Place the Burner in Your Space

Displaying your incense is the ideal way to show it off, either on a tabletop or shelf. Alternatively, freestanding displays are possible if you have the space and budget available. It’s wise to have multiple displays ready in case inspiration strikes while lighting up the night. Additionally, make a list of all items you wish to illuminate so that it’s easier not to overwhelm yourself at once.

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