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How to Use Electric Incense Burner

how to use electric incense burner

Incense is a great way to enhance the atmosphere in any room or mask unpleasant odors. Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to make your house smell nice! Electric incense burners offer an easy alternative to traditional charcoal incense burners since they’re simple and safe to use.

Electric incense burners feature a thermostat control that can be set to various temperatures, making them suitable for using with various incense types and oils. As they heat the incense slowly until it releases its fragrance, electric burners keep it hot enough to maintain this effect for however long you leave them running.

These electric incense burners come in an assortment of shapes and sizes, featuring many styles made of lustrous metal that can be tailored to match any room’s decor. Bring the tradition of burning incense into any modern home or office with these electric burners.

These lovely blue incense burners feature a bronze lid that allows the smoke from inside to drift upward. Perfect for using with aromatic wood chips or incense powder, you can place them anywhere in your room to create an inviting, relaxed atmosphere.

Traditionalists seeking to keep the old-style incense burning may enjoy using charcoal tablets. Although they take some time to ignite and burn, these lighter alternatives produce less smoke than electric burners do, thus being more eco-friendly.

Light the charcoal tablets using a jet flame lighter or place them over an open flame such as gas stove or fireplace. Just be sure that the burning tablet is small enough to fit inside the burner; larger pieces may carbonize too quickly and release less essential oil.

Different kinds of incense can be burned on a burner, as well as resins, woods and powders. Just remember to use the lowest temperature setting possible; higher settings will overheat the incense causing it to burn rapidly.

Electric incense burners offer many advantages, and are user-friendly for beginners to learn how to properly use. Plus, these devices are safe around children and pets as well.

An electric incense burner is an ideal addition to your home or office, as it automatically turns on and off when the temperature is right, avoiding overheating. A red light will remain illuminated to indicate when the heating plate is active as well as when your incense has been warmed up.


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