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How to Use Backflow Incense Burners Safely

how to use backflow incense burner

Backflow incense burners are an excellent tool for relieving stress and fatigue. They produce a relaxing stream of smoke that appears like a waterfall.

However, in order to get the most from your backflow incense burner, it’s essential that you know how to use it correctly. Doing so will guarantee that you enjoy its relaxing effects for years to come!

How it Works

Backflow incense burners are a popular type of incense burner that offers an eye-catching smoke display. They come in various designs and can often be found on tabletop or fireplaces in homes.

Easy to use and perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room, incense cones require more patience than their regular counterparts but are easy to keep burning.

To light a backflow incense cone, hold it over the burner and ignite its tip. After several seconds, it should glow red and start to smoke.

To get the optimal results from a backflow incense cone, be sure to purchase quality items made of natural ingredients such as resins, oils and herbs. While these may be more expensive than cheaper incense sticks, investing in higher-grade items will last longer and produce more fragrant smoke.

Safety Tips

Backflow incense burners not only look beautiful, but they can also create a relaxing and healing atmosphere. However, it is essential to take some safety precautions when using this type of burner.

Be sure to use only premium incense cones made specifically for this purpose. They burn more efficiently and safely than regular incense cones, which could cause harm to the lungs if not used correctly.

Second, place the incense cone on top of the burner rather than inside it. Doing this prevents smoke from being obstructed and ensures optimal backflow effect.

Finally, ensure to keep the backflow incense burner away from any drafts or windy conditions. Doing so could distort the smoke flow and prevent its desired effect from occurring.


Backflow incense burners require regular cleaning to remain functional. This is because of the sticky melted resin which attracts dirt and stains.

But this is not a major issue as these stains are easily removed with dishwashing liquid or dry cloth. You may also spot clean these spots with a dry cloth.

Additionally, make sure your backflow incense burner is kept away from flammable items like drapes or furniture that could catch fire or burn. Furthermore, avoid leaving it exposed to high temperature environments or near strong wind sources.

Fortunately, this basic cleaning routine should remove most of the ash and residue that builds up on your incense burner. However, if there are still stains or residue remaining, then it’s time for a more comprehensive clean.


Maintaining a backflow incense burner is essential for its optimal performance and cleanliness. Soiled burners may retain oily residue or even emit an unpleasant odor, making it difficult to enjoy using the device.

One way to ensure your burner stays in top condition is to give it a good scrub once or twice weekly with a damp cloth. This will remove all dirt and grease, providing an improved experience when lighting the cone next time.

Backflow incense burners offer the therapeutic effects of fragrance without the health risks associated with smoking. Not only do they mask unpleasant odors like pet dander or cigarette smoke that could be hazardous for those with respiratory conditions, but they can also enhance meditation practices and create the ideal atmosphere for romantic evenings. No matter if you want something new for your meditation practice or simply want a romantic atmosphere on a special occasion, investing in a backflow incense burner is well worth the investment.

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