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How to Use an Oil Incense Burner

how to use oil incense burner

Are you searching for a safer, more eco-friendly alternative to candles or just want to add the perfect aromatherapy touch? An oil incense burner is the ideal solution. These devices offer safe and straightforward usage of essential oils – they can be purchased at most stores.

How to use an oil incense burner

The initial step is selecting a high quality oil. Be sure it’s not too cheap, as cheaper oils could contain impurities which could be released into the air when heated. Furthermore, opt for a burner with plenty of surface area so you can place many oils inside it easily.

Once you’ve selected an oil, add it to the bowl of the burner and then place a tealight candle underneath. The heat from the candle will vaporize the oils, filling your room with their delightful scents.

Tealight candles can be used to vaporize essential or fragrance oil, but we suggest using one with a wick for optimal results. This keeps the flame confined within the candle and helps avoid it from catching fire.

Once your tealight candle is in the bowl, add some drops of essential oil to the water and stir it well to distribute it evenly. It is important to monitor the level of water as if it evaporates completely, the flame could become too high and potentially ignite.

Essential oil should always be a blend of several oils, as this will maximize its potency and effectiveness during evaporation. Avoid using one single essential oil in an oil burner as this could overpower its scent, producing an unpalatable odor.

Making your own customized blend by adding the correct number of drops of essential oil is an excellent way to achieve the desired aroma. If unsure how much oil should be used, start with a small bowl and gradually increase the number of drops until satisfied. For instance, if going for a more subtle aroma, add 3-5 drops at a time.

For an even stronger scent, add 7 to 10 drops of your essential oil into the bowl. You can adjust this ratio according to the desired scent but we suggest using a concentration that matches what you want achieved.

It is wise to check your oil burner every few minutes to make sure the liquid hasn’t evaporated and that the flame is under control. When you notice that liquid has started evaporating, blow out the candle and add more water. Furthermore, regularly cleaning an oil burner is beneficial as built-up residue can create unpleasant scents which will render it unusable for future use.


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