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How to Use an Incense Burner

how to use an incense burner

An incense burner, also referred to as a censer or aroma burner, is a vessel used for burning incense and fragrance. They range in size, structure and material composition.

Some are constructed from basic ceramic dishes, while others feature intricately cut silver or gold vessels. No matter the material, their purpose remains unchanged: to safely burn incense.

Stick Incense

Are you searching for a way to add an invigorating aroma to your living space? Incense is an ideal choice. They’re easy to use and come in various fragrances.

Incense can also be utilized for meditation and other spiritual practices. However, it’s essential to know how to properly use them so you can enjoy your incense safely.

Stick incense is easy to use with an incense burner. Just light the end of your stick with a match or lighter and let burn for six to ten seconds.

Once it has burned completely, gently blow out the flame to put out its flame.

Once your incense is burnt, place the stick into a ceramic shaped censer with an opening at the top. This will catch any ashes that fall onto it as you burn it. Choose from various shapes like elephants, lotus flowers and leaves for your incense.

Coil Incense

This Japanese incense burner/ smudge pot is perfect for burning coil incense. It boasts thick walls that resist heat well, as well as legs on each corner to protect surfaces beneath.

Incense is an aromatic source that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Whether you choose to burn it in the morning or after a long day at work, its natural scent will help boost your energy and focus throughout the day.

Stick incense is composed of ingredients such as tabu wood powder, fragrant/essential oils, resins, herbs and tree barks. It comes in an array of scents to suit all preferences.

Cone incense is composed of combustible materials and aromatic oils molded into the shape of a cone. It burns for longer than stick or coil incense, so it should be used in large spaces with plenty of airflow.

Cone Incense

Cone incense is an effortless way to bring a calm and refreshing atmosphere into any room. With so many unique scents available, you’re sure to find one that perfectly reflects your individual style.

When using incense cones, it is essential to do so safely. This means keeping them out of reach of curious pets and children as well as away from flammable materials.

To use a cone, simply ignite it with either a match or lighter and place in the holder of your incense burner. Then sit back, relax, and breathe in the fragrant aroma!

Lighting a cone is similar to lighting an incense stick, although it may take slightly longer. Once the tip of the cone ignites, fan it gently with your hand so that all of its smoke smolders.

Once the incense cone is lit, it will release a delicate plume of smoke which can be seen through windows or doors. However, be mindful that this effect is delicate and could quickly fade if air enters the room; so make sure your burner is placed away from drafts and air movement to get maximum benefit from it.

Charcoal Disk

Charging charcoal to burn resins, herbs or powder incense is a popular way to enjoy natural scents. Additionally, it allows you to craft custom blends of incense that suit your preferences and ritual needs.

Self-igniting charcoal disks are an excellent solution for this task, which come in rolls or boxes and can be found at smoke shops and Asian markets.

To use self-igniting charcoal, place it on a nonflammable surface like sand or ash and wait for it to become red hot and light up a bit before placing in your incense burner.

Once the disc has burned and turned a light grayish color, you can sprinkle your favorite incense on top and watch it release its fragrance. What an easy and economical way to experience new scents!


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