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How to Use an Incense Burner Safely

how to use incense burner

Incense burners add a fragrant atmosphere to any room or office, as well as helping relieve stress and increase productivity levels.

However, it’s essential to use an incense burner responsibly and safely. Overusing it can cause indoor air pollution, irritating your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs.

Place the incense

An incense burner is the ideal way to add a relaxing scent into your home, helping you unwind and reduce stress. But in order to maximize its effects, you must use it with care.

Before beginning to burn incense, you must first prepare it. You can do this by either lighting an incense stick or burning cones. If burning a cone, be sure to do so on top of a fire-safe holder or container.

These can be purchased in most stores. The holder may be made of metal, ceramic or stone; if it is ceramic or stone, make sure it has a hole designed so you can insert your cone.

Once your incense has been prepared, place it inside a holder. Alternatively, an “incense “boat” can also be used which is an extended piece of wood, metal or ceramic with a hole at one end; this will catch any ashes that fall out of the stick and onto the surface of the holder.

A backflow incense cone is a special kind of cone that produces a waterfall smoke effect when lit. This occurs because cool air from inside the holder travels down through its hole in the cone and draws smoke upwards, creating the waterfall effect.

Meditation practitioners often find this helpful as it aids concentration. It has also been known to be used during prayer, yoga and self-care sessions.

When selecting a backflow incense cone, it is essential that you select one with an enjoyable scent. Experiment with different varieties of scents to find what works best for you.

Never burn incense near flammable objects such as drapes or lampshades. The hot smoke from burning incense can damage or discolor these items.

Additionally, keep the incense away from children or pets as this can be hazardous if they consume it. Furthermore, if you are pregnant, speak to your doctor before using incense.

Light the incense

Incense is an excellent way to add a relaxing aroma to your home. However, it’s essential that you follow proper lighting techniques and safety precautions in order to avoid any potential safety hazards or mishaps.

To safely light an incense stick, begin by placing it into a holder or burner that will catch any ash that falls. Make sure the burner is properly insulated so as not to generate excessive heat that could damage furniture or create a fire hazard.

After lighting the end of an incense stick, wait a few seconds until its tip glows red and a soft wisp of smoke appears. Finally, extinguish the flame.

If the stick is burning unevenly or is not emitting smoke, relight it and gently blow out again, allowing any ash to fall back into the bowl.

Coil incense is similar to stick incense, except it is spiral-shaped. To properly oxygenate the coil, place it in an incense burner with a wide flat bowl that allows oxygen access. Some burners even feature clips attached at the center of the coil which hold it above its bowl.

Cone incense is a popular type of scented incense. Made from combustible materials and aromatic oils, these cone-shaped incense cones produce more heat than sticks or coils, so be sure your burner is properly insulated to dissipate the heat. Spreading sand, salt or uncooked rice on top will help absorb some of this energy and prevent your incense from overheating.

Once you’re ready to remove the incense, carefully pull its strands from the burner and discard them. Be sure to place any ashes that fall onto the floor away from children or pets as well as any flammable material. Furthermore, place your incense burner far enough away from any open windows so that smoke does not accumulate and create a safety hazard.


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