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How to Use an Incense Burner Box For Cone Incense

how to use an incense burner box for cone

When burning cone incense, it’s essential to place the tip of the cone into a heatproof burner. Additionally, spreading sand or salt on the bottom of the burner helps dissipate heat more effectively.

Cone incenses can be made from a variety of combustible materials, such as aromatic oils molded into an irregular shape. Due to their higher smoke production compared to other varieties of incense, you may need to burn them for longer periods of time.

Place the Cone

If you use incense sticks or cones, having the appropriate burner and holder is essential. Making this choice will guarantee your incense sticks or cones burn evenly and last longer without becoming stuck or burning out.

An incense burner box is a popular type of incense holder, ideal for storing and burning your sticks. Crafted with quality wood, they come equipped with a flame retardant insulation pad.

These boxes double as an ash collector for your incense. The middle tray lifts to reveal a storage compartment for sticks of incense and a lower drawer catches any ash particles that fall from above.

This wooden incense burner box has been hand carved and painted using natural wood, making it a stunning gift for the incense connoisseur in your life.

Light the Cone

On the market, there is a vast selection of incense burners. Some are designed for burning sticks, cones or powder incense.

These can be truly stunning to behold! But to use them effectively, you need some knowledge.

Cone incense is a type of incense made from combustible materials and aromatic oils. Since it’s much stronger than an incense stick or coil, it should be stored in a heatproof container to dissipate the heat generated.

Light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match, and allow it to burn for 5-10 seconds. After the flame has died down, gently blow out the remaining flame with your hand in order not to burn yourself.

Place it over the hole on the backflow incense burner for a waterfall-like effect that’s great for calming and relaxing.

Burn the Cone

Incense is an ideal way to unwind at the end of a long day, providing psychological benefits for your mind and body. Additionally, burning incense helps clear away negative energy in the home while increasing positive vibes.

Burning incense can be done several ways, but the most popular is to place an incense stick into an incense holder and ignite its tip with a lighter or match. The smoke from burning incense fills the room with an aromatic scent but leaves behind some ash behind.

Alternatively, you can use an incense burner box for cones to burn incense. These box-shaped holders are popular due to their convenience and neatness compared to traditional incense burners.

Before burning incense in a cone, it’s essential to dry the wick. To do this, place the cone inside an airtight container that is heatproof and allow the wick to burn for around 10 minutes.

Clean the Burner

If you own a cone incense burner, it is essential to clean the burner box after each use. Not doing so will leave behind residue like ash and resin from your stick which is difficult to remove.

If your incense burner box is made from soapstone, for instance, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust and debris stuck to the interior of the burner. However, be careful not to get any of the incense residue onto the cloth.

Some coffin box incense burners feature perforations on the lid that allow smoke to rise, making them an ideal option for those who don’t like standing their box upright. Those without this feature typically feature small holes in the lid to hold an incense stick and may have a depression carved into it that collects any ash that falls as the stick burns.


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