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How to Use a Incense Burner With Cones

how to use a incense burner with cones

When using an incense burner with cones, there are a few things to keep in mind for optimal enjoyment. By following these guidelines, you can ensure the most out of your experience.

First, place your incense burner on a heat-resistant surface. For added insulation, spread some sand or uncooked rice around the base to absorb additional heat.

Place the Cone

When using your incense burner with cones, make sure the cone is placed correctly. The top of the cone should point upwards and its base should point down into the base of your burner.

Before lighting an incense cone, make sure it’s clean and dry. If it is brand-new, there may be an oily coating on it which could prevent proper burning.

Once your incense cone is properly arranged, you can light it with a lighter or other heat source. Wait about 10-15 seconds for the tip of the cone to ignite into a flame.

Once lit, blow out the tip with your hand or pair of tweezers to extinguish it. Your tip should have an orange glow when lit properly.

Incense cone’s smoke should cascade down the backflow incense burner to create an inviting waterfall effect. This will help create a tranquil atmosphere.

Light the Cone

If you’re looking to create a subtle but intoxicating aroma in your home or office, incense burners with cones are an ideal choice. Not only are they easy to light and burn, but their wafting plume of smoke creates an inviting atmosphere in any room.

First, choose an incense holder or burner that matches your style and decor. They come in various styles and materials, so pick one you like and can handle easily.

Once you’ve selected the ideal incense holder or burner, it’s time to light those favorite scents! All that is necessary is a heat-resistant container or lighter and some incense cones.

Light the tip of your cone with a lighter or matches, and wait for about ten seconds before blowing it out. Place the glowing cone into an incense burner’s backflow port; make sure that the hole at the bottom aligns with that in the burner so smoke can flow down and through it creating an attractive waterfall effect.

Fan the Cone

If your incense cone is emitting flames instead of the delicate wisps of fragrant smoke you desire, it’s time to fan it. Doing this will help ensure that the cone burns down to its base, meaning it will be fully extinguished.

There are several ways to achieve this, but the safest and most efficient is placing the cone on a backflow burner with its pointed end facing up. Doing this allows smoke to trickle down from its base into the cone’s tip, creating an effect resembling flowing water.

Once you’ve perfected the art of fanning an incense cone, you can enjoy its pleasant scents without any worries at home or in your office. However, it’s essential to remember that incense cones can be highly flammable; thus they should never be burned in an unventilated room or near flammable materials. Furthermore, using a safe and fire-proof incense holder is key in order to prevent accidents or fires.

Extinguish the Cone

Extinguishing the cone on an incense burner with cones is a vital part of using this product. It ensures your safety and that of those around you when enjoying your incense.

You can either use water to extinguish the cone, or mix water and sand together. However, sand is not as effective for cones as it is with sticks.

Another option is to lick your fingers and pinch the stick, which is simpler and quicker, but not as reliable as dousing the burning incense with water.

If your incense cone is not burning properly, it could be due to several reasons. It could be damp or moldy, too big to evenly distribute heat, or made from lower-quality material.


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