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How to Stop Incense Burning

how to stop incense burning

Incense is an attractive way to add fragrance and ambience to your home, but it also poses the potential risk of fire. There are a few steps you can take in order to prevent incense burning and ensure your safety while enjoying its soothing fragrance.

Smothering the Burn

Smothering an incense stick, cone or coil in water can put out the flame and reduce the smell associated with incense smoke. This works best for sticks of incense; however it may not work as effectively for cones or coils. You may need to try this several times before success is achieved.

Dropping the Burn into Water

You can quickly and easily put the burning portion of an incense stick, cone, or coil into a cup or sink of water to put out both the flame and smell associated with incense smoke. This method works especially well if your stick has been burning for some time but doesn’t seem to be going out on its own.

The most straightforward and most reliable way to put out incense burning is by dousing it with water. This can be done quickly with a cup or sink, though this method may not always work as effectively for other kinds of incense. Another option is licking your finger and pinching the incense but this method is less reliable and may even pose risks.

Relighting the Burn

You can often relight incense by lighting the end of the stick with a match and waiting until it catches fire. Gently blow out the flame, but be mindful not to do this too quickly as this may not cause an explosion and put out any potential fires that might begin in your vicinity.

Relighting incense should only be done periodically and for a short period of time; otherwise, it may cause respiratory problems and make you feel unwell.

Don’t Smoke While Burning

Incense can create a lot of smoke, so it is essential to keep it away from rooms where people may breathe in excessive fumes. Furthermore, use incense only in well-ventilated spaces. Furthermore, make sure the area where you’re burning your incense is clean and free from dust or other contaminants.

Place the Burner Safely

A burner is an integral element of any incense set and should be placed on a surface that’s fireproof and insulated to protect from heat. Additionally, keep the burner away from anything that could catch fire, such as drapes or lampshades.

When selecting incense for your home, the type of ingredient used should be taken into consideration. Opting for natural ingredients rather than synthetic perfumes or chemicals is usually preferable since these incenses will have more delicate fragrances and less potential hazard to your lungs.

Once you’ve selected the ideal incense, be sure to adhere to its lighting and storage instructions. Here are a few helpful tips:


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