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How to Set Up a Waterfall Incense Burner

how to set up a waterfall incense burner

Backflow incense burners are an excellent way to add a touch of drama and atmosphere to your home or business. They make for great gifts for any special occasion, with various styles and shapes available. One popular model is the waterfall incense burner which uses special backflow incense cones to create the illusion of flowing smoke from within.

These backflow incense cones are made with a blend of aromatic woods and herbs, featuring an opening that allows the smoke to cascade downward. You can choose from traditional favorites like sandalwood or lavender as well as more daring scents like dragon’s blood or patchouli.

When selecting an incense, opt for one that burns slowly and releases enough fragrance and vapor to fill your space. Many of these incenses contain essential oils or other ingredients to enhance the aroma, leaving your room smelling amazing.

Once you’ve selected the ideal incense, it’s time to set up your waterfall incense burner. These ceramic burners boast a glazed finish which helps reflect the smoke from inside in an eye-catching effect. They make for great conversation starters too!

Step 1: Light the Cone

To achieve optimal smoke flow and use the correct incense cone type, it is important to light it correctly. Do this by lighting its tip and allowing it to burn down for at least a third of its way before placing on your burner. Without doing this, smoke won’t travel through the cone properly and your waterfall incense burner won’t function optimally.

Once it’s cool, take off the cone from the burner and place it on a heat-safe surface (you may need to hold it with tweezers to avoid burning yourself). Once done, take out any cones from the burner and enjoy their lovely aroma!

Step 2: Add Water

Once your incense is ready to light, place a few drops of your favorite scented oil or fragrance into the water. You can either fill up a small spray bottle with water for this step, or just add it directly to the bowl of your waterfall incense burner.

Once you’ve added water, place the incense cone atop the holder. This will make the cone more durable and prevent it from breaking.

Step 3: Light the Cone

Once you’ve added water, light your incense cone. It should glow red and you’ll see flashes of flames at its top. Wait a few seconds before blowing out the cone; otherwise, your incense will continue burning down until it reaches the bottom of the waterfall incense burner.


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