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How to Put Incense Stick in Incense Holder

how to put incense stick in holder

Incense sticks come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are cored, while others don’t have one at all. No matter which variety you select, it is essential to select the appropriate holder for your stick so that you can enjoy it safely and comfortably.

Different incense holders exist and work differently depending on what kind of incense you burn. You can find these holders at any hobby store or craft store; alternatively, you can make your own using supplies already in your possession.

1. Burner/Censer: Tower incense burners are an excellent way to burn your incense while catching any ashes that fall. These come in various styles and materials like wood or bamboo.

2. Incense Snuffer: Another method for extinguishing incense is using a snuffer, which is an instrument designed specifically for this task. This simple and secure solution makes it possible to safely put out all of your incense.

3. Water: If your incense stick gets hot while burning, dousing it in water can help put out the flame and keep your counter clean.

4. Clay: If you’re feeling creative with your incense, try creating a shaped censer from clay. Simply roll the clay into an even shape, cut it to fit your stick of incense, and poke a hole in it for ventilation.

5. Old Bottles and Key Rings: If you have an old bottle or tin lying around, you can use it to hold your incense stick securely and conveniently. This is an effortless way to enjoy the fragrance of incense while keeping it secure at the same time.

6. Sink: Another great way to put out your incense is by using a sink. Most sinks are metal, so they will burn the incense while catching any excess ash that falls off of it.

7. Paper: Another inexpensive and eco-friendly alternative is using old paper for burning incense. This simple yet effective method will allow you to enjoy the fragrance without creating waste.

8. Potted Plant: If you have a potted plant, you can use it as an incense holder. Simply plug your incense stick into the pot and enjoy the aroma without any hassle.

9. Candle: For added convenience, candles can also be used to hold your incense sticks. Candles can usually be found at most stores that carry incense.

10. Soda Can: For a fast and effortless way to light your incense while outdoors in nature, use a soda can. Not only is this an efficient option, but it’s also quite enjoyable!

Incense can be used for both aesthetic and spiritual purposes, providing a soothing aroma that can help relax you and provide an enjoyable experience. It may even relieve anxiety or depression. Just remember that animals may be sensitive to incense so keep them away from where it’s being burned.


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