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How to Make Incense Stick Holders at Home

how to make incense stick holder at home

Burning incense is an excellent way to create a serene atmosphere in your home, as its fragrance can help reduce stress and alleviate pain. There are various scents available for incense sticks, but those known to be particularly relaxing include lavender, chamomile, and rosemary – known for their ability to alleviate insomnia, stress, and muscle tension.

If you enjoy burning incense but don’t have the money for an expensive holder, these DIY incense stick holders are an easy DIY project that will add a unique touch to your home decor. Why not make several and give them away as gifts too?

Making an attractive incense holder doesn’t need to break the bank, but it does require some time and effort. The great thing about DIY projects like this is that you can use various materials for each holder – giving your creation both uniqueness and functionality!

This project is ideal for both kids and adults alike, requiring only an incense stick and binder clip. To get started, open up the binder clip and insert your incense stick into its designated hole at the center. After it’s burning, simply set the binder clip on a table or other flat surface before lighting it up!

Another simple and budget-friendly way to make an incense holder is with buttons. They come in all different sizes, making it simple to find ones that will accommodate your smudge sticks perfectly.

Once you’ve selected your buttons, drill a hole in the center of each. Then, insert a skewer or straw through this hole and set it on a table or other flat surface for display.

Making an incense holder with clay is an enjoyable craft you can try for yourself or as a present for someone special. All you need is modeling clay, an embossed design button, a skewer or straw and some other supplies.

Add some flair and color to this clay incense holder by adding flowers or other decorations. Flowers can be arranged in various patterns, while the holder itself can be painted in your chosen hues.

These DIY incense stick holders are incredibly simple to make and will add an elegant touch to any shelf or tabletop. Plus, you can make several and give them as gifts, making for a truly unique addition to any home or office setting.

This incense holder features marbling in the clay, giving it a nice aesthetic. To protect it from weather damage and scratches, spray it with polymer varnish for extra durability.

This super sweet and simple incense holder is made with clay and leaves. It would make a wonderful project for fall or spring, and you can decorate it in your favorite colors!

You can use this incense holder to hold a variety of things, including tea lights or candles. Just be sure to keep it away from any flammable materials.


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