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How to Make an Incense Stick Holder

how to make an incense stick holder

Incense is a wonderful way to create an ambient atmosphere in your home. It boasts numerous aromatherapy benefits that may assist with stress, sleep problems and anxiety. An incense stick holder is essential for keeping the burning stick upright and preventing it from falling over.

There are countless incense holder options available on the market, but nothing beats creating your own! Get creative and come up with designs, textures, and colors that will add an extra special touch to your house!

Make your own incense stick holder from any material! From wood to clay or even a bottle, there are plenty of choices available for selection.

Create a stunning incense holder using air dry clay, paint, brush and varnish. For added effect you could also add other items like a bowl, skewer, toothpick and super glue for an eye-catching visual display.

If you want to craft a more intricate incense holder, use clay and other materials such as paint, painter’s tape, and spray paint. Once your base has been formed and painted, add decorative elements like buttons, lace, or other embellishments for visual interest.

Another creative idea is to craft an incense holder from driftwood found on the beach. This rustic look can be achieved quickly and easily.

An inexpensive and straightforward option for making an incense holder is metal cans or tins. These items can be found at most craft stores and provide a quick and easy DIY option.

This incense holder is easy to make with only a few common materials, such as air dry clay, rollers, sheet metal (if you don’t have one of these you can substitute a plastic plate), skewer, paint and some decorative accents like wooden rings or candlesticks for added color and personality.

With just a ring and candlestick, you can create an eye-catching incense holder. Create a circular ring that has a small hole at the bottom for placing your incense stick, as well as another larger ring to catch any ash particles that fall out.

The ring can be tailored to fit any incense stick size or shape, but make it large enough for the stick to pass comfortably through. If your incense stick is thicker, adjust the angle of the ring accordingly so it holds securely.

If you’re a beginner, start with an affordable incense stick holder and build upon that foundation. Doing so will allow you to learn how to craft an item that lasts longer and meets all of your requirements.

You can make an inexpensive key ring or necklace ring holder using old key rings or necklace rings. If you have plenty of these, you could save money by creating multiple incense holders from them.


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