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How to Make a Wine Bottle Incense Burner

how to make a wine bottle incense burner

A wine bottle incense burner is an ideal way to recycle an old glass bottle and enjoy the scent of incense without the mess!

Turning an old bottle into a burner is both simple and economical, making it the perfect project to do on any special occasion! There are numerous types of bottle incense burners available, all with various themes and designs to choose from. They make for fun DIY projects that you won’t break the bank – perfect for any celebration!

How to Create a Wine Bottle Incense Burner

The initial step in making this project is taking off the label from the bottle. Doing this will enable your incense burner to communicate better with the container, as well as making cleaning simpler.

Next, tap or drill a small hole through the side of the bottle near the bottom to provide airflow for your incense. Doing this will also protect it from being knocked over in case of an accident.

To complete this project, you’ll need a small drill, some sandpaper, and an empty bottle. With those items ready, you can begin.

You’ll need a bottle for this project, preferably one with decorative elements. You can purchase bottles online or search local craft stores and flea markets for them.

Dremel tools and diamond chip dremel bits allow you to transform any decorative bottle into an ashless incense burner. However, wear a dust mask as glass powder is toxic for the lungs.

Begin the process by selecting a bottle that you think would work well as an incense burner. After selecting your container, set up your dremel tool and get to work!

Once you begin drilling, work your way around the bottle with a smaller point bit. When you reach the deepest part of the gouge, switch to a better point bit and continue drilling until you’ve created an opening large enough for incense to fit through.

Once the hole is large enough, add your incense cones and light them. This will catch any ashes produced when burning the incense, so there won’t be any messy patches on your flooring.


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