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How to Make a Cone Incense Burner

how to make a cone incense burner

Cone incense burners are an elegant and artistic way to enjoy the aromas of incense. They come in various shapes and sizes, making them a welcome addition to any home decor. Furthermore, these popular gift items make ideal presents for any special occasion or celebration.

Cone incense burners are incredibly simple to use. All that’s required is a heatproof bowl or container, some cones, and some ash for burning.

1. Shape the incense dough into a cone shape by hand or use an inexpensive small conical mold.

If you don’t have access to a conical mold, use a spoon to shape the incense dough into a cone. Alternatively, purchase a small conical mold from your local hardware store for this task. After shaping the dough into a cone, place it onto parchment or wax paper and let dry for at least 12 hours.

2. Add a small amount of essential oil to the incense dough before shaping it into cones.

This will enable the incense to burn evenly and efficiently, keeping it fresher longer by preventing rancidity.

3. Before burning the incense, thoroughly remove any oils or moisture present.

New incense cones may be oily, so make sure they’re blotted dry with a paper towel before burning them. Furthermore, keep the cone away from drafty areas or open windows so it stays lit properly.

4. Light the incense cones and blow them out after a few seconds.

As the incense burns, you’ll notice it producing a lot of smoke. This smoke will travel through the vent, creating an amazing and mesmerizing smoke waterfall effect.

5. If the backflow incense cones don’t create the waterfall smoke effect, double check that they are properly aligned with the metal hole of your backflow incense burner.

A backflow incense burner is designed to create an impressive waterfall smoke display by allowing the smoke to rise and fill your home for at least 20 minutes. Not only does this offer you a captivating smoke show, but also ensures it’s safe for use around children or pets.

6. Light the cone incense and then gently blow it out after some seconds.

When your cone has burned, it should produce a cloud of smoke with an ember glowing at the top. If there’s no ember, that indicates you’ve blown out your incense cone prematurely; this may happen if you aren’t experienced burning incense or don’t use proper technique.

7. After your incense cone has cooled, dispose of it safely and properly.

Incense is an excellent way to relax while also aiding in respiratory health and energy levels. But be mindful – incense emits volatile organic compounds which may irritate lungs; if you suffer from asthma or another breathing disorder, avoid incense altogether.


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