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How to Light Incense Properly

how to light incense

When using incense, it’s essential to know how to light it properly. Doing so will maximize your experience and eliminate any safety concerns.

Incense can be used to add an inviting atmosphere and improve air quality in any space. However, it should always be burned in a well-ventilated area to avoid headaches or coughing due to smoke inhalation.

Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are an attractive way to freshen the air in your home or office. They’re also widely used during religious ceremonies. But it’s important to learn how to burn incense safely in order to prevent accidents.

Before lighting an incense stick, select a safe area away from anything that could burn quickly, such as papers, lampshades or curtains. Next, light the stick with either a match or lighter while making sure there is enough wick for sustained flame.

After around 30 seconds, you should notice a burning ember on the tip of your incense stick and a tendril of smoke emanating from it. If there is no flame or the tip appears ashy, then the incense has been extinguished completely. Relight if necessary and gently blow out any remaining flame using one hand; cup your hand behind it while blowing out the smoke.

Incense Cones

Incense cones are an excellent way to create a soothing atmosphere. Additionally, they boast more intricate smoke displays than incense sticks or coils do.

Incense cones are typically composed of combustible materials and aromatic oils. To burn them, place them inside an incense burner or on a heat-resistant surface.

To light an incense cone, place its point up in an incense burner and ignite with a match or lighter. Wait six to ten seconds for an orange glow to appear, then blow out the flame.

Once the incense cone is fully burnt, gently fan it until it stops producing smoke. Doing this will remove any remaining ash or oil from the cone and make it safer to use for incense making.

Backflow incense cones are unique from traditional incense cones as they feature a hole that allows the smoke to drain down, creating an impressive waterfall-like smoke display. To get the most out of your backflow incense cone, ensure that its bottom hole aligns perfectly with the seat hole on your burner.

Incense Coils

Incense is an intoxicating aroma that can be utilized for various spiritual practices and rituals. It promotes overall well-being, relaxes the senses, and purifies the air. Incense may also serve as a calming sleep aid or to help focus during meditation and yoga exercises.

Incense is typically made of combustible materials and aromatic oils molded into the shape of a stick or cone. To light it, place its unlit end on an appropriate incense burner, then use either a match or lighter to burn its tip until it glows.

Once lit, let it burn for five to ten seconds before extinguishing the flame. This will allow the tip to smolder and produce an aromatic smoke.

When using cone or coil incense, it is essential to keep the burner heat proof by spreading a layer of sand, salt or uncooked rice around its base. This will absorb any extra heat created when burning incense.


Incense is an excellent way to bring harmony into your space. It helps clear away any negative energy that has built up, making space for new, positive vibes.

When selecting an incense burner, there are various styles to choose from – some simple and inexpensive while others feature intricate details crafted out of ceramic or clay materials. When selecting your perfect burner, be sure to consider your individual requirements and preferences.

Lighting incense is a simple process. Place the stick inside a holder and light its tip with either a lighter or match. Once lit, you should see a glowing red ember that slowly burns away, emitting aromatic smoke.

Once the incense is finished burning, extinguish any embers and discard in water. Depending on what type of incense you use, break off the end and bury it in sand or ash; alternatively you can use a censer for stick incense or cone, cylinder and charcoal for loose incense.


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