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How to Light Incense Properly

Incense is an essential element in many spiritual and ritualistic practices, as well as a beautiful addition to any home decor. To get the most out of your incense experience, it’s essential that you know how to light it properly.

1. Lighting a Stick

To begin, make sure you have your incense stick ready to burn. Use either a match or lighter to ignite the end of the incense stick and wait six to 10 seconds before blowing it out – this will allow the smoke and ash to smolder and release aromatic fumes and particles.

2. Lighting a Cone

For an even more dramatic experience when burning incense, try using an incense cone. These can be shaped like pyramids or cones and made from bamboo or sandalwood with various ingredients coated on them. Generally self-combustible, these make the most of your burner efficiently.

3. How to Light a Bowl/Censer

A censer is an attractive ceramic bowl designed to catch any ash that falls from burning incense. This makes cleanup simple and keeps your incense holder looking its best.

4. Lighting a Ceramic Plate

A ceramic plate is another common incense holder. They usually have either a glossy or matte finish and can accommodate both an unlit end of an incense stick as well as a bowl to catch any ash particles.

5. Burning a Charcoal Disk

If you’re lighting your incense in a burner or bowl, be sure to use an exclusive charcoal disc designed specifically for incense burning. Avoid holding the charcoal with your hands while lighting it; doing so could cause it to spark and ignite other items in the room.

6. Cleaning Up the Ash

Although having a tidy space is nice, leaving behind lots of ash after burning incense can create an unsafe situation. Therefore, make sure to quickly throw the ash away in either a trash can or bin.

7. Selecting a Scent

It’s ultimately down to personal taste and preference when selecting a scent; don’t feel compelled to light something particular just because someone else did. Instead, think about how the fragrance will enhance your mood and environment.

When feeling overwhelmed or anxious, incense can have a powerful effect. Rose or jasmine scents will lift your spirits, while cedar and vetiver are popular choices for grounding.

Incense can be an enjoyable way to unwind and appreciate the moment. It also has the potential of purifying the air, especially if there’s an unpleasant odour present in your environment.

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