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How to Light an Incense Cone in a Waterfall Burner

how to light an incense cone in waterfall burner

Infusing incense into your home or office is an effective way to relax, relieve stress, spark creativity and lift spirits. One popular type of incense is an incense cone.

Cone incense is a long, thin and circular shape that burns in the center of an incense holder or burner. They come in various scents and sizes.

Incense cones can be burned in a standard incense stick holder, but some prefer using an incense waterfall burner which creates a flowing “waterfall” of smoke from the burning incense cones. These burners come in various styles and designs from simple ceramic bowls to more elaborate figurines or natural-themed designs.

Before using an incense waterfall burner, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, select the correct type of incense cone for your burner; some, like those made from clay or other naturally-derived materials, possess more scent power than others. If unsure which incense cone to choose, check the product description or manufacturer’s instructions for use.

Next, you’ll need to select an incense waterfall burner that fits the size of your incense cone. Most have a hole or opening that allows smoke to flow downward, and they usually require some water for activation. Be sure to read product descriptions for details regarding how much water is necessary for each type of incense waterfall burner.

Once you’ve identified the ideal incense waterfall burner for your needs, fill it with water and place the incense cone atop. Make sure the hole in each cone aligns with its matching hole on top – this step is essential so that both can burn fully.

After lighting the end of your incense cone with a lighter or matches, wait for it to burn completely. Some incense cones may take longer to light than others so be patient!

Wait about 10 seconds before you can see smoke rising from the hole at the bottom of an incense cone. Be sure that it isn’t moving around or shifting during this period as this could affect how quickly the smoke moves.

When using an incense cone, the environment you light it in is important. Keep your incense cone away from drafty areas and open windows/doors. Furthermore, if it’s brand new or has an oily surface, be sure to thoroughly dry off the cone after use.

Cleaning an incense cone is easy; either use a paper towel to dry it off or damp cloth to wipe down the cone. Be sure to completely dry them off before storing them away, however.


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