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How to Light a Incense Stick Without a Holder

how to light a incense stick without a holder

If you’re using incense sticks for meditation, relaxation or just to smell amazing, it is essential to know how to light them safely. While many holders are available, there are also several ways to burn your sticks without one.

1. Utilize a Shaped Censer

For burning incense sticks without the use of an actual holder, consider buying one of these ceramic shaped censers. These typically feature a small hole at the bottom that allows ash to escape through and can hold both cored and solid incense sticks.

2. Filling a bowl or bucket with grains, rice, salt or sand makes an excellent incense holder that you can use to burn your sticks. This absorbs any extra residue from burning incense sticks without risking spillage over the edge of the container.

3. Jar or Glass as an Alternative

For a no-fuss incense holder that you can use for your sticks, try pouring sand or baking soda inside an empty jar or glass. This will make the container more durable and allow you to insert your sticks with ease.

4. Bottles make great holders for incense sticks

To burn incense without the hassle of a holder, simply take off the cap from an old bottle and insert your sticks inside. This will prevent them from falling out and ensure even burning throughout.

5. Binder clips make great alternatives to holders

If you don’t already own a holder for your incense sticks, consider finding one that’s large enough. Once found, open up the binder clip so the hole in the middle fits comfortably; then insert your stick through this opening and light it with something.

6. Cigarette lighters provide an effortless and secure way to light your incense sticks.

If your incense sticks are not long enough for a traditional burner, you can ignite them with a cigarette lighter or match. Just be sure that the tip of the lighter is on a heat-resistant surface and that you aren’t holding the lit stick too close to your face.

7. Create an incense burner out of wood or bamboo

If you have a piece of wood or bamboo at least 6 inches long and 2 inches wide, you can use it to craft an incense holder. First, sand the edges to ensure they’re smooth; then drill a hole large enough for your incense stick inside this edge.

Once your incense holder is complete, you can safely light it with a cigarette lighter or match. Make sure to place it away from children or pets as well as any flammable materials. Furthermore, avoid placing it near an open window where it could get knocked over by breezes. Not only will this make it safer but it also stops any ashes falling onto floors or other people.


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