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How to Fix an Electric Incense Burner

how to fix an electric incense burner

Thermostat controlled incense burners are an excellent way to regulate the heat and get the best results for your fine incense. They allow you to gradually raise the temperature so your incense burns more slowly without burning out, releasing more aromatic nuance and complexity without the typical burnt smells associated with other incense burners.

The burners are user-friendly and come with instructions on how to operate them. Furthermore, they’re highly durable, lasting a long time; however, some issues may occur from time to time.

A common issue with incense burners is they can overheat and break if left unattended. To avoid this, always unplug the unit when not using it and place it on a heat-resistant surface. Doing this helps protect against sparks igniting your incense material during overheating.

Fixing a Burner Tray

For incense materials that dry out quickly and leave behind a melted residue, such as Frankincense or Somali Bakhoors, you can create a small foil tray to sit on top of a mica plate before directly on the burner element. This keeps the resin in place and prevents it from melting away onto the mica plate.

After your incense session, wait until it cools and then wipe away any melted residue with a damp wash cloth. This will keep your foil tray looking spotless and save you valuable cleaning time in the future!


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