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How to Cleanse Crystals With Incense

how to cleanse crystals with incense

Incense is an excellent way to cleanse your crystals of negative energy and enhance their natural qualities.

Cleaning is an essential element of crystal work, as it removes the negative energy crystals absorb from their environment and those who touch them.


One of the most effective methods to cleanse crystals is burning incense. This helps break down lower vibrational energies and purifies the air, making it suitable for cleaning crystals as well as other objects.

Some types of incense, such as rose incense, have the power to uplift and dispel negative energy. Not only that but they can reduce stress levels and promote feelings of relaxation and serenity.

When selecting incense for crystal cleansing, it’s essential to select natural fragrances that aren’t hazardous to your health. Additionally, select incense specifically designed to clean crystals.

Incense can be used to cleanse crystals in an effortless ritual that can have a beneficial effect on your meditation and healing sessions. Certain types of incense, like frankincense or lavender, are particularly effective at clearing negative energies and opening chakras. You can smudge these scents or circle the incense stick clockwise over your crystals to eliminate any negativity.


Crystals require cleansing as they absorb energy from their environment, which can create negative frequencies. The best way to rid yourself of this unwanted stuff is by burning incense – it cleanses and purifies your crystals.

Burning rose incense, sage or palo santo will cleanse your crystals of any imbalanced vibrational energies. This process restores the stones back to their original state of balance, making them more useful and aligned with your intentions.

Salt water can also be used to cleanse your crystals. This method is popular and secure, though it should not be used on certain crystals as it could negatively affect their appearance or spiritual properties.

Sunlight bathing is an easy and efficient way to cleanse your crystals. Simply place them in a bowl of sunlight for four hours, restoring their natural glow. This method works best during full moon or cloudless days and is especially helpful for yellow or red crystals.


Incense is an efficient and safe way to remove negative energies from crystals. Burning herbs such as sage, sandalwood and cedar will create smoke that helps carry away this negative energy from your stones.

Another cleansing technique involves buring your crystals in the soil on a full moon to recharge them with renewed energy. You may also use salt water to rid yourself of any accumulated negative energy.

When the full moon isn’t available, smudging can be an effective alternative. You can do this with a small bundle of sage or by burning incense sticks made from either sage or palo santo wood.

When selecting an incense to cleanse your crystals, it’s essential that you choose an aromatic that can banish negative energies and bring you back into a balanced state of mind. Incenses like myrrh, patchouli and frankincense are excellent options for helping rid crystals of unpleasant feelings.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo, meaning “holy wood,” has long been used in South America to cleanse negative energy and enhance crystals’ inherent qualities. This magical tree also amplifies vibrations to prepare one for meditation.

To cleanse your crystals with this ancient wood, simply burn a stick for several minutes and allow the smoke to coat the stone. Doing so will eliminate any negative energy from your crystals, leaving them bright and refreshed.

Another popular method for cleaning crystals is submerging them in lukewarm water. Rinsing and patting dry the crystals will be enough to dry them off; however, this method works best on porous stones such as Quartz; however, you should avoid it on delicate stones such as Selenite and Lepidolite which contain iron oxide.

Some people believe that saltwater is an effective way to absorb negative energy from crystals and restore them back to their original form. Those who practice this technique can either place their crystals in a bath of saltwater overnight or let them soak for one day.


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