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How to Cleanse Crystals With Incense

how to cleanse crystals with incense

Smoke cleansing is an efficient and straightforward method for purifying crystals. Incense smoke alters the energy surrounding a crystal, breaking through lower vibrational energies like negative thinking or anxiety to release higher frequencies.

Smudging with herbs, woods and resins is an effective way to cleanse the energy around your crystal. Lavender, sage, Palo Santo and Juniper are all popular choices for this task.

Saltwater cleansing

Crystals are powerful healing instruments, but they can become polluted with negative energy from people, places, and things they’ve encountered. Incense is an effective way to cleanse crystals of this unwanted energy and restore them back to their original energetic state.

Incense smoke has been used for centuries to purify and cleanse, with many experts recommending using it as part of a crystal-cleansing ritual. Smoke from white sage, palo santo, cedar or dragon’s blood incense can all be used to help free your crystals of negative energies.

Another popular cleansing method involves adding a teaspoon of salt to a bowl of water and submerging your crystals. This works for both soft and hard, porous stones alike. Collecting fresh salt water from the ocean works best; however, if you’re landlocked, mixing one teaspoon sea or table salt into lukewarm water will do just as well. After soaking for several hours, rinse your crystals thoroughly with cool water before patting them dry.


Smudging is an ancient ritual used by Native American peoples for purification and dispelling negative energy. It involves burning sacred plant herbs in a smudge bowl or abalone shell, then directing the smoke around and over someone or something.

Smudges are made with herbs such as sage, myrrh, sweetgrass, cedar and lavender. Sage helps cleanse and purify, myrrh promotes youthfulness and truth, sweetgrass brings feelings of joy and love while cedar symbolizes healing, restoration and transformation.

Smudging is most often done with White Sage, which gives off a sweet and herbaceous fragrance when burned. Palo Santo is another popular herb choice among smudgers as it helps to ground and focus the mind.

Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual that can be integrated into your daily routine and meditation practices. It’s an effective way to cleanse crystals so they are ready for use effectively, eliminate any negative energy in your home or office, and even improve mood!

Burning incense

If you’re seeking to cleanse your crystals, burning incense is an effective way of doing so. The aroma of incense helps you connect more deeply to your stones and eliminate lower vibrational energies that might be hindering you from healing them fully.

Incense’s sweet fragrance can help create a sacred space where you can work with crystals and heal yourself. Plus, it helps clear away any negative energy that might be lingering in the air or on your body.

Incense comes in many forms, such as sticks, twigs, and cones. Which type of incense you select depends on the intention behind your cleansing ritual and which crystals are involved.

When cleansing your crystals, be sure to select an incense that has a natural plant-based binder and isn’t filled with cheaply processed or toxic binding ingredients. This is especially pertinent when using incense for healing crystals or other healing tools as this could harm them if the scent or herb has lower vibrational energy attached.

Putting the crystal in water

If you’re using crystals to heal, it is essential to cleanse and recharge them regularly. Think of your crystals as sponges, so it’s easy to see why it would be beneficial to disperse any negative energy that has built up inside them.

You can accomplish this by placing your stone under running water, whether that be in a stream, rain or tap water at home. The idea behind this practice is that the water will neutralize any negative energies which have been absorbed from its environment or people who come into contact with it during healing processes.

Some people also believe crystals can energize and purify drinking water. This is an effective way to get the most out of your crystal, since it will be soaking up all that the water has to offer. However, be mindful that not all crystals are suitable for this method; soft or porous crystals should be avoided as they may break or dissolve when exposed.

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