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How to Burn Incense Without a Holder

how to burn incense without holder

If you enjoy burning incense but don’t own a holder, there are several safe options for burning it without worrying about fire hazards. Many people enjoy using incense as it helps them relax and relieve stress which has health benefits for them as well as its beautiful decoration options for home or office that add an air of elegance to any space.

One of the simplest ways to burn incense is with a special holder designed for this purpose. Censers (holders) come in many materials such as clay and wood and can be shaped to suit your needs.

Censers can be designed to look like bowls or canisters and catch the ashes produced when burning incense. Another option is using a ceramic dish which helps prevent ash from falling onto tables or other surfaces.

Make a censer out of tin foil – it’s simple! Just cut a small hole, insert your incense stick inside, and light it!

Another way to burn incense without a holder is by using an empty bottle or can. This will be much simpler to clean up than traditional incense holders, since you simply rinse the container and throw away any ash that remains behind.

An even simpler and more practical method for burning incense is to place it over your kitchen sink. This will enable you to use a weight to hold the stick steady while cleaning up afterward – perfect if you don’t have enough holders or want to bring along your favorite scent when traveling.

You can also burn incense with a potted plant. This is an ideal way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or office without damaging the plants. Just be sure that both items are kept away from flammable materials like curtains or sheets.

If you’re searching for a more stylish and modernized way to make a censer, polymer clay is an excellent option. Not only does this create an artistic piece that can be used for incense burning as well as other purposes, but it’s also easy to do yourself.

To create a simple polymer clay incense holder, you’ll need some supplies. Air-dry clay and an old paint brush will do the trick as well; dried leaves and a roller can also be used for creating the shape of your censer.

After applying acrylic paint and adding a few drops of vaseline, flatten the clay out and trace a leaf shape.

Once your clay has dried, you can paint it with any colors of your choosing. Finally, your handmade item can be used as a decorative element in your home or office.


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