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How to Burn Incense Sticks Without a Holder

how to burn incense sticks without holder

If you don’t feel the need to spend money on an expensive incense holder, there are a few ways you can burn incense sticks without one. Just be careful so that your smoke alarm doesn’t go off!

Instead of burning your incense sticks directly, use a fireproof vessel to catch any ash that falls off. Doing this will save you from having to clean up an extensive mess later.

1. Use a paper clip

One of the easiest ways to burn incense without a holder is with a paper clip. Simply insert your incense stick end into the clip, and it will support it vertically or at an angle so that it does not fall over.

Aside from keeping your incense from falling over, using a paper clip also makes it simple to remove any ashes that do drop off of it. You can discard this ash or keep it for later burning.

Another creative way to burn incense at home is by crafting a censer out of clay. This works great for those who enjoy burning incense at home but lack access to an appropriate burner.

2. Use a can

Cans are an excellent solution for burning incense sticks without the need of a holder. All you have to do is insert the incense stick vertically inside of the can.

Once the incense stick is placed inside, ignite it with a match or lighter. Allow the flame to burn for several seconds before fanning or blowing out the flame.

Create a soothing scent that will envelop you in the room, helping to relax and clear your mind.

Once you’re finished using the can, pouring out its contents is easy. However, make sure that you use a fire-resistant container to guarantee that all ashes are safely contained.

3. Use a vase

If you want to burn incense sticks but don’t have an incense holder, a vase or any other fireproof container can be used instead. Simply fill it with sand or salt and insert your incense stick inside.

Light the candle and allow the ash to fall into a container. This is an effective way to avoid leaving ash on your tables or floors, plus it’s simple to clean up afterwards.

Another option is to craft a shaped censer out of clay. You can get creative and try creating whatever shape you desire, or you could simply purchase one pre-made.

4. Use a plant pot

Incense has a longstanding tradition of being burned to ward off evil spirits, pay respects to ancestors and provide spiritual and mood-lifting effects. But one common method for burning incense is using an incense holder.

Although a stick holder can be useful for keeping a stick upright and preventing it from tipping over, they do have some drawbacks. Most significantly, hot ash may fall out of the holder posing a fire risk.

Second, many religious buildings don’t provide a way to collect ashes that fall. This leaves the ash uncollected, leading to an accumulation of particles which can discolor any surface it comes into contact with.

For a more eco-friendly option, consider using a plant pot instead. This is an ancient Asian practice and can be an excellent way to enjoy the fragrance of incense without needing additional holders.

5. Use a sink

If you need to burn incense sticks but don’t have a holder, your sink can be the perfect solution. Simply place the stick over the sink and use a weight to hold it steady.

Depending on the type of incense, it can take an hour for an incense stick to burn completely. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor its progress throughout this time and safely extinguish it once complete.

When using incense, it’s essential to abide by the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, incense should not be eaten or ingested and can pose a choking hazard for children.


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