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How to Burn Incense Safely

how to burn incense

Burning incense can be an uplifting and spiritual tool, but it’s essential to know how to do so safely.

First, choose a burner that’s fire-proof. And don’t forget to extinguish your incense stick once you’ve finished burning it.

Incense sticks

Burning incense is an enchanting way to relax and invigorate your senses. It helps focus attention on what matters most in life, making it a long-standing symbol of spiritual practices.

To safely burn incense, you need to take a few simple steps. These include selecting an area with adequate lighting and having an appropriate incense holder or burner handy.

Be cautious when lighting an incense stick. Keep away from open windows and other flammable objects which could knock the incense over or extinguish it.

Incense sticks are typically composed of wood powder, herbs, and other natural materials. Once they have been scented with essential oils and fragrances, these incense sticks become popular worldwide.

Incense cones

Incense is an attractive way to add delicate aromas to your home or office. When selecting a fragrance, ensure it appeals to you and fits well into the space in which you plan on using it.

Incense sticks and cones can be lit with a lighter or matches for 5 to 10 seconds before fanning the flame with paper to create an enchanting spiral of smoke that fills your room with pleasant fragrance.

Once the incense cone has been lit, place it in a heatproof container such as a bowl or other heat-resistant dish or tray that won’t tip over easily.

To improve airflow under the cone and protect it from overheating, layer sand or dry uncooked rice on the bottom. Furthermore, brass burners should not be used since they conduct heat very well and could potentially burn wood surfaces if left uncovered.

Incense holder or burner

Incense can be used to relax the mind, purge negative energy and invigorate the body. It also assists with focus during meditation or prayer sessions.

To use incense, simply place a stick inside an incense holder or burner that you can purchase from stores or make at home.

An incense holder can be made in various shapes, such as bowl or oval. You don’t have to limit yourself to natural air-dry stone clay – you can create your own shape using any material of choice!

When burning incense, it is essential to practice proper fire safety. Never leave burning incense unattended and make sure it is out of children’s reach.

Once an incense stick has been lit, hold it over a heat-resistant surface and blow out the flame. You should see an ember on top and a tendril of smoke; this indicates that your incense stick is burning properly. If the tip looks ashy, you may need to relight it.

Charcoal disk

Charcoal disks are an easy and convenient way to burn incense, perfect for those who don’t want to use sticks or cones. You can use them with any dried herb, resin or incense powder for a fragrant and powerful smoke that will cleanse your space.

Charcoal disks are made of wood and other ingredients that have been moulded into specific shapes. They make great incense burning options and can be purchased from many specialty shops.

To burn a disc, place it in a heat-proof dish or bowl and light with your lighter until sparks appear. Sprinkle some of your desired resin over top for additional visual impact.

Once lit, these discs will begin to glow and release an intoxicating smoke into the air. After it has subsided, however, the disc will turn into ash and can be safely discarded.


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