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How to Burn Incense Resin

how to burn incense resin

Burning resins has long been associated with spiritual and healing rituals. Burning these aromatics provides a deeply meditative experience that encourages rejuvenation and relaxation. Whether you want to instill tranquility, increase productivity or lift your moods, there’s sure to be a resin perfect for you.

If you’re new to burning incense, then you may be curious as to how it works. The most popular method involves using special charcoal discs; however, there are other ways that can be utilized when enjoying your favorite blends of incense.

One method is to use an oil warmer. These ceramic oil warmers, often labeled for wax cubes or melts but suitable for resin as well, can be found in most stores and will work just as well with incense. The only difference between this and burning on charcoal is that you won’t be able to smoke while enjoying your incense.

Another solution is to use a tea light or votive candle, which you can find at most grocery stores and specialty shops that carry candles. You can add incense to the top of the candle so it acts as an even source of heat while burning resin.

Make your own incense burner for a unique and long-lasting gift! With just some basic supplies, this project can be completed quickly and easily – the possibilities are endless!

To burn resin incense, you’ll need a quick-lighting charcoal tab, pair of tongs, heatproof bowl and some sand or rocks. Place the tab in the center of your bowl and hold a flame to it until it sparks and crackles.

Once your resin disc has achieved a nice glow, place it atop sand or rocks for additional aromatherapy effects. You may add copal or palo santo to the disc for additional fragrances as well.

Here’s a tip for keeping your resin burning evenly: make sure not to use the same sand or rocks each time you add charcoal to the dish. Doing this helps prevent them from getting too hot, which could cause uneven burning of resin particles.

To guarantee your resin stays lit, use self-igniting charcoal disks. These tend to be larger than regular incense disks, so you may want to break them up into smaller pieces before burning your incense on them.

You could also try using a standard tea light to heat your resin disk. Although this method requires more effort and may take some practice to get the charcoal disks to spark, it’s an enjoyable way to enjoy your incense.

Research the best method for burning incense to suit your needs. Most importantly, ensure that the area where you burn it is well ventilated – especially if you have asthma or other breathing difficulties.


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