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How Many Incense Sticks to Burn For Good Luck?

how many incense sticks to burn for good luck

Burning incense has been used for millennia by cultures around the world to create a tranquil atmosphere. The smoke emitted by burning incense clears away negative energy and unpleasant vibes, helping create an ambiance of serenity.

Incense is also believed to bring good fortune. However, the amount of incense sticks used depends on your culture and religion.


Cinnamon is an essential spice used in many recipes, and it boasts numerous health benefits. For those suffering from diabetes, cinnamon may help regulate blood sugar levels while potentially protecting against Alzheimer’s disease as well.

Cinnamon has long been believed to ward off evil spirits and bad energy, making it so powerful that many carry it as a protection spell for homes where people fear negative influences entering their sphere of influence.

Additionally, burning a stick of cinnamon can be an effective way to attract abundance into your life. This simple ritual is believed to release the power of the herb into the air, helping you achieve your desires.

It is often believed that hanging nine cinnamon sticks above your front door will protect your home from evil spirits and other negative energies. Nine is symbolic of perfection, love, and enlightenment; so not only should you hang them above the entrance but you can also place some on window sills for extra protection against negativity.

White Sage

White sage (Salvia apiana), a sacred plant, has long been used for healing and spiritual cleansing. Kumeyaay girls lie on beds of leaves during coming-of-age ceremonies; Cahuilla hunters use it to ward off bad luck; and many Native nations present bundles of white sage as offerings or gifts.

However, the recent surge in commercialization of white sage has resulted in widespread poaching on traditional land. This poses a major concern for Indigenous communities of Southern California and northern Baja, Mexico.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to practice using sage for space clearing:

When selecting herbs for your practice, the most crucial aspect is finding a reliable and ethical source. Whether that means buying pre-wrapped bundles or natural incense sticks, look for something that will enhance your practice while being harvested responsibly.


Hawaiian leis and island-themed centerpiece arrangements often feature the lovely Plumeria flower, also known by its scientific name of Plumeria or commonly known as Frangipani. This flower has been used in perfumery for years as a key component.

Tropical frangipani flowers can be found around the world, in warm climates. While they make lovely indoor or outdoor arrangements, they require a sunny location for optimal growth.

Its lovely scent has a calming effect on those suffering from fear, anxiety or insomnia. Additionally, it has been known to banish negative energies and break curses.

During WWII, sailors sailing overseas from Hawaii would throw a lei into the sea when passing Diamond Head on their way home. If it landed on shore, then their voyage would be complete.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that seeks to harness the energy forces around us in order to achieve harmony and balance. It draws from Taoist beliefs that chi, or life force, resides everywhere and can be divided into sha (negative) or yun (positive).

Though not fully scientific, meditation can help you make small but significant improvements in your life. Additionally, it encourages you to use your imagination, which could open up new ideas and opportunities.

Feng shui experts often suggest burning incense sticks or using other lucky items like bamboo plants and goldfish to enhance good luck. According to these masters of the art, burning incense clears away negative energy and creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Start by inspecting your home and identifying any areas that could be bringing about bad luck. Addressing these issues is an easy first step toward improving your feng shui and getting your life back on track.


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