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How Many Incense Sticks Are in a 100 Gram Box?

100 gram box nag champa how many incense sticks

How many incense sticks are in a 100 gram box?

Traditionally, incense has been a valued tool for meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and to enhance relaxation and well being. Burning incense frees fragrant chemicals into the air and can assist with a variety of health concerns including respiratory illnesses, muscle tension, rheumatism, pain, and insomnia.

Nag Champa has long been regarded as the most popular masala spice incense and it can be used to cleanse your environment, remove airborne pollutants, and offer a soothing, peaceful fragrance. This hand rolled incense blend is made from the finest sandalwood base of flowers, spices, resins, and herbs which give it an intense aroma that is sure to please!

The fine art of blending the finest incense, oils, spices, herbs, and floral extracts together into an effective blend is a skill that is passed down through generations of Indian artisans. Each incense is created from a special blend of natural ingredients and is then skillfully hand rolled on a bamboo stick.

Top of the line Satya Sai Baba Super Hit Incense

Often called the best incense in the world, this dazzlingly aromatic blend includes the finest Indian spices, exotic floral essences and is guaranteed to impress the most discerning of incense enthusiasts. This enticing incense will transport you to another realm, where the fragrances of nature are unlocked and released into your atmosphere!

Each incense stick has a unique and distinct smell and is designed to last for several hours when burned. To use, light the coated end of the incense and place it in a fire-proof incense burner, such as a ceramic cup or a soapstone bowl.


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