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How Does an Incense Burner Work?

how does an incense burner work

An incense burner, or censer, is a vessel used for burning incense. They come in many different shapes and sizes from simple ceramic dishes up to intricately cut silver or gold vessels.

When shopping for incense, there are plenty of choices: cones, sticks, rope incense and more. Before purchasing an incense burner, be sure to determine which kind of incense you plan on using.

Incense Cones

An incense burner is used for burning fragrant incense cones. It also serves as a way of relaxing meditation and providing an intense focus point, particularly during times of stress or uncertainty.

When an incense cone is lit, its smoke rises as hot air rises higher than room air. On the other hand, backflow incense burners trap this same smoke inside a hollow cone and push it down with cool air from the burner, creating an impressive waterfall effect.

This is an ideal way to enjoy incense without any ash falling to the ground. Additionally, it reduces the risk of fire hazards since incense cones are tightly compressed for storage.

Start by lighting the tip of an incense cone and allowing it to burn for several seconds. Gently blow on the flame to put out the flame. Your cone should glow orange/red and emit a pleasing aroma as you do so.

Warm Air

Many people have an unfavorable perception of warm-air heating, fearing it will make their house too warm. This misconception arises from the fact that as air rises it moves from a higher temperature to a lower one.

This occurs because the pressure difference between air at the top and bottom is greater, leading to a difference in pressure between them. That’s why your air conditioning unit works: it makes cold air leak out while bringing warm air in.

Conversely, when the air at your top and feet are both at exactly the same temperature, they both stay that way. That explains why your body sweats when it’s warm, and shivers when it’s cold.

Heat is an equilibrium-seeking force. So when the outside temperature drops to 98 degrees but your house remains at 72, heat from the outside will seep in through your windows until both temperatures have been restored to their original levels.

Cool Air

Light an incense cone and watch as warm air is released into the room, travelling down through its hole in a backflow cone for an enchanting waterfall effect that’s both pretty and effective.

What happens when cool air enters the backflow cone? Thankfully, it does exactly as expected – nothing more.

When considering temperature regulation on a molecular level, it’s obvious that some movement is beneficial. After all, it feels nice to move the air around and you can always turn on a fan or breeze for additional cooling effects.

But it turns out that cool air is more than just an intriguing way to burn incense. It also does some other remarkable things, like improving your mood and making your home smell wonderful – all without needing chemicals or complex processes! The best part? Cool air can do all these things naturally without using any chemicals or complex processes!

Backflow Cones

Backflow cones look just like regular incense sticks, except they feature a small hole at the bottom that allows smoke to fall into your burner. This creates an impressive waterfall effect that’s sure to impress guests!

Backflow incense burners offer a relaxing way to unwind at the end of a long day. Not only do they help relieve stress and fatigue, but their ease of use makes them an especially convenient option.

When using backflow incense, you will want to light the tip of the cone with a lighter or other heat source until it glows red and releases an aromatic plume of smoke. Once lit, quickly blow out any flame so as not to burn yourself or the incense cone.

Backflow incense cones create a heavier and thicker smoke than other types of incense, creating an atmosphere that’s more dramatic.


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