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How Do I Keep The Incense Cone On Fire When I Put It Into The Burner?

do i keep the incense cone on fire when i put it into the burner

When burning incense, its aroma can linger for up to 24 hours. This is especially useful if you plan to leave the room briefly and want to ensure that it doesn’t fade away completely. However, it’s essential that you know how to properly extinguish incense so that ash and smell do not accumulate when cleaning up afterwards.

To begin, place the incense cone into a burner that is suitable for it, such as an incense holder or bowl. These burners usually have a lid and can be made of materials like porcelain, glass or brass; they are generally safe to use provided you adhere to their manufacturer’s directions when doing so.

If you’re using a bowl-style incense holder, place the cone in the center and ignite with either a match or lighter. The flame doesn’t need to be particularly long – 5-10 seconds should be sufficient.

Before lighting an incense cone, make sure it’s free from oil or dirt. Failure to do so could cause the cone to dry out and become less likely to burn evenly. You can also blot the cone with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.

Finally, the temperature of a room can affect how well a cone stays lit. To maximize efficiency, avoid areas with drafts or open windows and make sure the cone is not placed too close to any air vents.

Additionally, make sure the incense holder can securely hold your cone without it falling out. Some holders may be too small for the cone or made of materials that could easily break under pressure from a sharp object.

Once an incense cone is heated in a burner, it should be placed atop either ash or a plate for stability. You could also use an exclusive incense holder designed just for this purpose; however, be sure to follow all manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid any accidents.

Once the incense cone has completely cooled, you can use it again; however, be sure not to leave it sitting on ash or plate for too long as this could damage or melt the material and lead to fragmentation.

When using a box type incense holder, make sure the lid is high enough to prevent spillage of incense. Doing this can help avoid any accidents caused by dropping it into the fire or touching it with your hands.

Once you are finished burning the incense, gently blow out the flame with a small fan or your hand. Be careful as a sudden gust of air could cause the ember to catch fire again. If the ember still produces smoke, remove it from the burner and place in an ashtray (metal or plastic). This will help prevent ash and smell from spreading throughout your home or office.

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