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Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Incense

how to use incense sticks

No matter your skill level in burning incense, burning it can create a relaxing atmosphere and lift your mood. From selecting the correct ingredients to understanding the distinction between cones and sticks, here’s all the information you need to get started with incense burning.

Incense sticks are typically made from bamboo with aromatic substances attached to the end. To light one, hold a match or lighter near its coated end and gently blow out any flame once it catches. Allow it to smolder with a red ember until it fades away, leaving behind only an aromatic wisp.


Incense is a popular way to add relaxing, incense-like aromas into your home. Not only does it help you unwind, reduce stress and promote sleep, but burning incense sticks can also enhance yoga or meditation practices.

Some herbs and essential oils used to scent incense sticks have sedative properties. For instance, lavender oil has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety levels and promote sleep.

For optimal incense enjoyment, ensure you use high quality products that are less likely to contain hazardous chemicals or unnatural elements.

To burn an incense stick, light it with a lighter or match until you can tell that it is burning evenly. Place the incense stick into an incense holder to keep it away from surfaces.


Incense sticks offer the opportunity to enjoy your favorite fragrances or explore new ones. Additionally, they clear the energy of a space and prepare it for sleep or other relaxation-inducing activities.

Incense is an aromatic blend of plant materials, resins and oils that emits a sweet-smelling smoke when exposed to flame or heat source. There are two primary varieties: direct-burning incense and indirect-burning incense.

Indirect-burning incense is made up of aromatic plants, resins and oils which cannot be directly burned. To create it, the incense sticks or cones are dipped into a mixture of essential or fragrance oils before drying, curing or pressing to form them.

Some censers or koros feature a hole in their base to allow ash to fall below. This promotes more efficient burning while still allowing your incense to be fully burned.


Incense sticks add a pleasant aroma to your home and can also help cleanse and detoxify the mind.

It is essential to know how to utilize incense sticks correctly in order to get the most out of them. This includes burning them safely and cleaning any excess ash away.

First, place your incense stick into an appropriate incense holder or burner that will catch any ash that falls. Trim the stick if necessary to fit securely.

Next, light the end of the coated stick with a match or lighter and keep it burning for several seconds until it glows red and produces an occasional wisp of smoke.

Finally, use your fingers to gently fan out the flame with gentle pressure. Be mindful not to blow it out too forcefully as this may be seen as disrespectful in certain cultures.


Incense sticks are an efficient way to purify your home and attract positive energy, blessing you with good fortune.

Cleansing is an ideal ritual to perform when negativity enters your space or you feel the need for energy renewal. It may even be done before engaging in yoga or spa activities, as it helps focus your focus.

When selecting incense for crystal cleansing, select the type that best serves your purpose. For instance, if you need to restore strength and stability in your stones, opt for incense made from myrrh or other resins.

Once your incense has been cleansed, be sure to scrape away the ash from its stick and place it into a sieve. Doing this helps prevent the incense from catching fire and burning on your altar. Use tweezers to carefully sift through the ash, taking out any unburned pieces of incense stuck inside.


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