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Do I Keep the Incense Cone on Fire When I Put It Into the Burner?

do i keep the incense cone on fire when i put it into the burner

Are you wondering if your incense cone will burn when placed into a burner? There can be various reasons why your cone may not be burning properly, but there are steps you can take to rectify the situation and ensure your incense remains safe to use.

First and foremost, prepare your burner by positioning it in a clear area with no debris or anything flammable around it. Furthermore, use heat-resistant surfaces like ceramic tile or a fire-safe bowl as the base for the burner, such as those provided.

Additionally, ensure your incense cone is properly aligned with the hole in your burner. Doing so will guarantee optimal burning and production of smoke from the cone.

Once your incense cone is aligned properly with the hole in the burner, it’s time to light it. Do this by holding the tip of the cone over a flame from a lighter or match. Allow this flame to burn for around 10 seconds before blowing out the flame; otherwise, your burning incense cone may smolder and begin emitting smoke.

Another possible explanation for why your incense may not be producing the smoke it should is due to inadequate airflow. This can be caused by drafty areas or open windows. You can try increasing air flow by adjusting the height of your incense cone.

Alternately, you can remove the cone and let it smolder on its own. Doing so helps to drain out excess oils from the cone, decreasing its likelihood to burst into flames.

There are also other factors that can influence how well your incense burns, such as the quality of the material and how well you light it.

Low-grade incense may be difficult to light and only last a short while before burning out. This is because these cones are usually coated in synthetic oil which does not ignite when burning, meaning they don’t give off as much smoke as higher-quality cones do.

Avoid this problem by investing in quality incense and learning how to properly light it. Doing so will allow you to enjoy your incense without having to worry about it going out.

When purchasing incense, always read the package thoroughly before purchasing. This will enable you to identify which type of incense is suitable for your requirements and how much should be burned daily.

Once you know which kind of incense you want to buy, the next step is finding an appropriate burner and holder. This way, you can enjoy the most aromatic scents while creating a tranquil atmosphere.


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