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DIY How to Make a Stick Incense Holder Out of a Coke Can

diy how to make a stick incense holder out of coke can

Are you in search of a creative way to light your favorite incense stick? Look no further than this straightforward DIY project. All it takes are some basic materials and the finished product will keep your sticks smelling fresh and fragrant for hours on end.

To begin, you’ll need an empty coke can and a pair of scissors. The can should have a bowl-shaped bottom so you’ll need to cut it in half or thirds and then trim away any excess from the bottom.

Once the can is cut open, it’s time to find something to place inside it. A household vase or plant pot that fits inside the opening of the can will keep your incense safe and make it convenient to hold while burning it.

Once your vase or pot is full, fill it with sand, salt, baking soda or anything else to dissipate the heat and make your incense more stable. You could even add some small rocks to the base for extra weight and fireproofing purposes.

Next, you’ll need a clothes pin or other type of clip that can securely grasp your incense without breaking it. Binder clips or paper clips work great here; make sure it has a flat base that fits over the shape of your stick and has enough surface area to grab onto.

Once you’ve selected a clip that works for you, insert the incense stick into it and press down on the end to secure it. Place this on a small plate or dish so that any ashes that fall will fall into a catchable container.

Now that your holder is ready, it’s time to start burning some incense! This can be an excellent way to unwind and reduce stress while encouraging good night’s sleep.

Making this holder is easier than you might think; simply use the bottom of a coke can. Not only does this produce a much cleaner and safer holder than other methods, but it will take some practice to get just right.

You can also cut the bottom off a regular can, which is more challenging but allows your incense holder to fit into tighter spaces and improve safety. Just be sure not to cut all of the can at once or else you could risk starting a fire.

The final option is to use a button. Any type of button can be utilized, but round or circular-shaped ones work best.

Are you in search of a more unique and decorative incense holder? Look no further than your plastic button collection – they come without holes so can be shaped and decorated however desired! With such options available, creating the perfect incense holder has never been easier!


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