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How to Use Dragon Lotus Pond Incense Burner

how to use dragon lotus pond incense burner

How to use dragon lotus pond incense burner

Incense has been used for centuries as a way to focus attention and lift spirits. Burning incense cones or sticks produces an aromatic experience that enhances abilities, improves mental performance, stimulates ideas, purifies the environment and releases negative energy.

This stunning backflow incense burner showcases a ceramic dragon coiled around a pond, blowing smoke into the pond where a lotus rests. It’s suitable for home, office, tea room, meditation, yoga studio and many other uses.

Dragon lotus pond incense burner features a ceramic figurine and punched hole where incense sticks can be placed for magical effect. To achieve waterfall smoke effect, backflow incense cones are recommended; these differ from traditional incense cones in that they feature vertical holes that let smoke cascade down into the holder and pool at bottom.

To light your backflow incense cone, hold the tip and allow it to glow red for several seconds before blowing it out. Afterward, place it atop of a backflow incense burner; this will help ensure even illumination and provide your cone with plenty of fragrance for extended use.

Maintaining your backflow incense burner in a dry and draft-free space is essential to avoid smoke rising up into the air and overflowing into your room. Watching smoke fall like water from above is truly captivating – keep it where it belongs – away from drafts!


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