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How to Use a Ceramic Waterfall Incense Burner

ceramic waterfall incense burner how to use

Are you searching for an eye-catching way to add fragrance and ambience to your home or business, incense waterfall burners may be the perfect choice. These burners use special backflow incense cones that create a flowing “waterfall” of smoke from inside, available in an array of styles and designs from simple ceramic bowls to more elaborate figurines or natural-themed themes – there’s sure to be an incense waterfall burner perfect for everyone!

How to Use a Waterfall Burner

Before lighting your incense waterfall burner, fill it with water. This is an easy process but make sure the level is correct before lighting the incense. It’s also wise to have either lighter fluid or matches handy just in case!

Once your incense waterfall burner has been filled with water, it’s time to light your incense cones. Be patient as these can take some time to burn so be patient while waiting for them to start burning. Once the incense cone has burned down to the bottom of your burner, remove it and replace with a fresh one.

Depending on the type of incense cones you purchase, they may last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes. Be sure to periodically check the water level in your incense waterfall burner and refill it if necessary.

How to Light an Incense Waterfall Cone

Lighting incense cones follows the same guidelines as regular incense sticks. Be sure to place them on the burner with their pointed end up and away from any drafts or airflow, as this can affect how quickly the cones burn down.

It’s essential to monitor the incense cone as it burns, as it should start flowing down towards your burner in a gentle cascade, creating the illusion of a waterfall. You may want to place the burning incense cones on a small dish or tray in order to catch any ash that falls off while they burn.

Some types of incense cones are intended to last only a short while, while others create an extended and more dramatic waterfall effect. You can purchase both types at many retail outlets.

For optimal performance and enjoyment from your backflow incense burner, make sure you use cones specifically tailored for it. Each model’s incense cones have been engineered with it in mind; if they’re too big or small for your particular burner, they won’t be as effective or enjoyable.

Incense waterfall burners not only add style and ambiance to your space, but they are an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate. Not only that, but they produce a calming smoke that can help focus the mind on whatever task at hand. You could even use them as centerpieces in rooms or offices – anything feels more tranquil with these beauties!


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