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How to Make Your Own Incense

how to make your own incense

If you enjoy the soothing scent of incense but can’t make it to the store every time you need some extra help relaxing, why not make some yourself? It’s a simple and straightforward task that can add an air of tranquility to any home.

The ideal incense is made with only natural ingredients, and there are various woods and spices that can be used. If you’re just starting out, start by selecting your favorite aromatic herbs and blending them together to create a blend that smells pleasing. As you become more knowledgeable about this practice, begin experimenting with new scents and substances as you gain experience in making incense.

For instance, sandalwood is a common base for incense blends due to its powerful scent. Pine and cedar also make good bases but are less strongly-scented than other woods. Alder and charcoal make excellent bases as well, though neither have much of their own distinctive aroma.

Once you have your basic ingredients for incense, use a mortar and pestle to grind them into fine powder. Then, mix this powder with some water to form a dough that makes shaping cone-shaped incense easier.

Makko Powder

One of the most essential steps when crafting incense is having a natural combustible base. You can buy makko powder online, or grind your own bark from Thunbergi trees if you have access to one. This bark is highly combustible and helps your cones burn evenly and slowly.

Once you’ve prepared your makko powder, add several drops of distilled water and stir thoroughly until the mixture forms a ‘dough’ that can be formed with your hands. With this dough in hand, shape your incense into cones and set them on a baking tray to dry.

Once your incense cones have dried, it’s time to light them and enjoy! Just be sure you pick a safe location where they can burn safely – away from paper, curtains and anything else that could accidentally knock over or ignite the incense.

If you’re new to burning incense, investing in a quality burner is wise if you plan on using them frequently. Some burners come with sticks while others use cones; choose which type works best for your requirements.

At most stores, you’ll find incense burners suitable for both sticks and cones. In fact, some stores even carry specific styles of incense burners just for that type of blend!

When burning incense, be sure to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This includes using only an appropriate burner and using only an incense bowl suitable for burning incense. Furthermore, never leave an incense stick unattended near fabrics, children, or pets.


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