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How to Make Dragon Incense Burner Work

how to make dragon incense burner work

Utilizing an incense burner is a wonderful way to savor the aromas of various incense cones and sticks, as well as freshen the air and bring relaxation into the room. Whether you need to unwind after a long day at work, or simply want a calming atmosphere in your home, an incense burner will do just that!

Incense comes in many different shapes and forms, such as sticks, cones, rosin, granules, and herbs. Each product has its own distinctive burning process and can be utilized for spiritual, shamanic, or religious rituals.

How to make dragon incense burner work

Dragon incense burners are an excellent way to add a magical touch to your home. These decorative items boast unique designs that will transform any living area into something truly enchanting. Not only that, but these items also promote aromatherapy, meditation, yoga and more – perfect for creating an atmosphere of enchantment in any setting!

These incense burners feature an innovative feature that allows smoke to cascade downwards through their cones, creating a captivating waterfall effect, as if it is pouring from a natural hot spring.

How to use a dragon incense burner

Before you can begin using your new dragon incense burner, make sure it is safe for use. Burn incense cones and sticks indoors away from any sudden movements or flammable items like candles; this is especially crucial if you are pregnant or have children in the house.

How to Light an Incense Cone on a Backflow Burner

Start by holding the incense cone in your hand or with tweezers. Next, use either a match stick or gas lighter to light its tip – this should take no more than five to ten seconds. Finally, move it onto a heat-safe surface and let burn for several minutes.

Once the smoke has burned out of the cone, you can then take it out of the backflow burner. Doing so makes cleaning inside of the cone much simpler and prevents ash from spreading throughout the burner.

Now you can place the incense cone on a ceramic holder designed to let smoke fall down. This will create an enchanting waterfall effect and make for stunning home decoration.

How to use a backflow incense burner

The most straightforward and reliable way to make it work is by using special “backflow cone” incense cones. These have an opening at the bottom that allows smoke to drip down in an unique pattern. This method of delivery delivers more concentrated aromas that last longer than regular cones do.


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