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How to Light a Waterfall Incense Burner

how to light a waterfall incense burner

Are you searching for a way to add some subtle ambience and aromatherapy to your home? Try lighting up a waterfall incense burner. There are numerous styles and designs available, making sure that one matches perfectly with your decor.

How to Light a Waterfall Incense Burner

To begin, you’ll need an incense cone compatible with your burner. Additionally, you will require either a match or lighter for lighting it and a heat-safe surface to place the incense cone on.

Pro tip: Use tweezers to protect your fingers when lighting an incense cone. Once lit, the tip should glow red and release a fragrant plume of smoke. After several seconds have passed, blow out the flame to put out any potential danger and prevent yourself from getting burned.

Once the incense cone is lit, place it on a burner so the hole at the bottom aligns with the metal hole at the top. This will cause the smoke to cascade down into an exquisite waterfall effect.

The smoke from an incense cone will then flow downward into a tranquil waterfall, creating an ambiance in your room that is both relaxing and calming. Not only does it offer stress relief, but it can also help purge negative energy.

Cleaning a Backflow Incense Cone and Burner

If you’re using a backflow incense cone, it is necessary to clean it after each use. It may be difficult to get rid of ash that clogs it, so use a toothbrush or similar tool to gently scrub away any residue and stains with. You can do this in the shower or bathtub; finally, give it one last rinse with warm or hot water to ensure all excess has been eliminated.

Once your incense cone has been cleaned, you should replace the ash at the bottom with fresh ash. Doing so will keep your burner running smoothly and ensure that the waterfall incense effect continues to occur.

How to Light a Backflow Incense Burner

A major advantage of using a backflow incense burner is that it produces an unusual type of smoke. This comes from specially designed incense cones with holes drilled through their bottoms, allowing the smoke to escape down through and exit out of a hole at the base of the burner, creating waterfall-style incense clouds.

When using a backflow incense cone, it’s essential to remember that they don’t burn as long as regular incense cones do. They usually last 10-15 minutes before the smoke begins to fade away and won’t produce nearly as much smoke.

It’s best to light the incense cone in a well-ventilated area and keep a window open, as this prevents smoke from affecting pets or young children. Be especially mindful if using this burner near pets or young children as smoke can be hazardous for them.


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