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How to Cleanse Yourself With Incense

how to cleanse yourself with incense

Burning incense is an ancient practice for purifying yourself and your environment. It’s said to remove negative energy and replace it with positive vibrations.

However, you must select the ideal incense for your particular intentions. For instance, you may wish to cleanse a particular crystal.

Burning incense

If you’re feeling mentally or emotionally worn out, incense can help restore equilibrium and reconnect you with your spiritual side while relaxing the mind.

Incense smoke is composed of gases, particulate matter and organic compounds. As such, it’s difficult to determine the precise health effects from incense fumes produced when burning sticks and cones.

Studies have suggested that incense smoke may be toxic to respiratory systems. One such study found people exposed to incense smoke for extended periods of time had higher rates of nasopharyngeal cancer than those not.

Thankfully, there are a variety of herbal incenses you can use for cleansing yourself with. These include sage, white sage and frankincense.

Smoking incense

Burning incense helps to purify and amplify your space, clearing away any negative energies that might have lingered in your home or crystals.

When burning incense, it’s essential to be mindful of your intention for cleansing. Set your intention that the smoke will carry away any negative thoughts and energy and replace them with positive vibrations.

You can choose to burn a variety of incense for this purpose. Many people enjoy burning sandalwood, which has been used for centuries in spiritual and religious rituals.

However, smoking incense may pose some health risks. Smoking produces small amounts of particulate matter which may lead to respiratory issues and chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which have been linked to cancer.

Smudging with incense

Smudging with incense is an ancient ritual practiced across cultures to purge negative energy from your space and body.

Smudges can be created using a variety of herbs and resins. They’re an effective way to purge yourself or your space of negative energy, as well as cleansing crystals.

Smudging is a ritual practiced to incense or herb the air with an intention. This can be an empowering ritual for creating a fresh start in life or simply taking time out to center yourself.

Smudges should always be made from organic herbs and resins that have been responsibly produced. Chemically replicated scents may lack the connection to nature that many people seek when creating an incense or smudging ceremony.

Burning charcoal with incense

One way to purify yourself and your space is by burning charcoal with incense. This ancient practice dates back centuries and serves as a powerful way to purify both your environment and yourself.

You can purchase incense tablets specifically made for this use or buy powder that is meant to be sprinkled on a charcoal base. This is an ideal alternative if you aren’t comfortable with the smoke produced by regular incense sticks.

When ready to use your incense, light the charcoal tablet using tongs or a holder. It will take around 5-15 minutes for the charcoal to come up to temperature.

Once the charcoal is hot enough, place it into an incense burner and add a pinch or two of incense powder (e.g., resin or dried herbs).

Once you are finished, extinguish the charcoal and allow it to cool completely before discarding it. This is an effortless way to purify both your space and yourself; you will feel refreshed and renewed afterwards.


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