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How Does Electric Incense Burner Work?

how does electric incense burner work

Electric burners offer the convenience of burning natural incense without all the mess. They eliminate odors and smoke that charcoal burners may produce, plus you have control over how much heat is applied to heat up your incense. But in order to get optimal results from an electric incense burner, you should know how to use it correctly.

First and foremost, select a burner based on how you prefer to heat different types of incense materials. There are plenty of shapes, sizes and materials to suit everyone’s preferences as well as the aesthetic look you wish for your incense burner.

Electric incense burners often feature stainless steel, as it’s easy to clean and won’t damage the material. Plus, stainless steel comes in many designs with thermostats for temperature control or timers so you can keep the heat on longer periods of time.

Ceramic and glass are popular choices for electric incense burners due to their durability and various aesthetics, such as abstract designs or cutouts on the lid that let the smoke rise.

Backflow Burners are an excellent option for electric incense burners, as they allow the smoke to flow from the base of a cone or stick rather than from the top, creating what is commonly referred to as an “incense waterfall.”

Electric incense burners are the most popular type, as they offer great versatility and can heat any kind of incense from powder to resins, cones or sticks. Furthermore, these safe devices make them suitable for both novice and expert users alike.

Non-Automatic Electric Burners

These burners use a thermostat dial to regulate temperature and lack an energy regulator. You can manually turn them on and off, but be mindful how long you leave them on as not to burn out the coil. They tend to work best for quick burning incense or bakhoor.

Automatic Electric Burners

Though more expensive, these feature an automatic thermostat for controlling the heat. These burners are easy to use and you can set it at any temperature you’d like – no worrying about it going too high or low!

If you’re new to incense burning, start at the lowest setting to get acquainted with its operation and learn what temperatures produce the hottest flames possible. Gradually increase the heat until you find your ideal temperature for burning incense effectively.

Metal Dishes

The most convenient choice for electric incense burners is a metal pot that sits atop the hot plate. These pots usually feature holes to allow airborne particles to pass through, and come equipped with tweezers to pick up any hot items you may accidentally spill onto the plate.


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