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How Are Incense Sticks Made?

how are incense sticks made

When making incense sticks, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, select an aromatic base for the ingredients you plan on using.

Next, grind your desired ingredients into a fine powder and combine with charcoal powder and an optional binding agent like tragacanth. Finally, slowly add water until you achieve the desired consistency.


Bamboo is the base ingredient in many incense stick blends. These concoctions usually feature dried flowers, herbs, sandalwood and essential oils designed to assist those who burn them offer prayers and invoke spirituality.

Bamboo incense sticks are beloved not just for their delicate scent, but also due to their sturdy and robust construction. This makes them perfect for frequent usage as you can guarantee they’ll remain intact during your session.

When selecting materials for incense sticks, it is essential to ensure they are made from top-notch products. Bamboo is one of the most common options and can be utilized in making these incense sticks.

Bamboo is an evergreen grass found around the world, including Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. Though often mistaken for a tree or plant, bamboo belongs to the evergreen grass family.

Adhesive Powder

Incense sticks are made by finely grinding ingredients into a powder. This includes resins, woods and sometimes charcoal which is then combined with a binding agent to form incense sticks.

Combustion of incense material releases aldehydes and ketones into the air, which are irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory system.

Some incense ingredients (aloes wood, for instance) lack fragrance until they’ve been heated and smoldered. To preserve this aroma, Japanese incense manufacturers use a special machine to pulverize materials before adding them to the mix.

This process helps prevent ingredients from overheating and losing their aroma. They also use Makko, a binder which serves both as binding agent and burning agent. For proper burning, makko should be added at least 10% to the recipe; more can be used if needed.

Essential Oils

Incense and essential oils are two popular ways to add a subtle aromatherapy touch to the home. Not only do these items offer benefits such as aromatherapy, odor control, and air purification; but they can also be used together for therapeutic purposes.

However, incense and essential oils are made with different products and processes. In addition to the ingredients they use, there are subtle distinctions in how they’re produced.

Incense is made by finely grinding plant matter such as barks, resins, flower petals, seeds, and more into a powder and mixing it with an binder. Sometimes additional essential oils or fragrance oils are added for additional aromas.

Natural Resins

Natural resins, gums and herbs have been burned as incense for millennia for spiritual, medicinal/healing, fragrancing and odor masking purposes. These ingredients can be mixed and combined to form loose mixtures which then get rolled or forced into solid sticks for burning.

Incense can be divided into two categories: non-scented and encouraged into any specific shape. This kind requires a separate heat source such as charcoal or glowing embers to burn properly, while the second uses fragrant ingredients that are encouraged into any specific form.

The other type of incense is created by mixing fragrant oils, powdered materials and combustible powder to form long “noodles,” which are then cut into short sticks for use in direct-burning or indirect-burning ceremonies.

Frankincense, myrrh and benzoin are the three primary resins used in incense. These ingredients can be combined with other ingredients and essential oils to create unique scents, which have been burning as incense for thousands of years – still popular today!


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